If a man immediately refused to live with you

Joint living is a big step in the relationship. Do not consider this an entertainment or a small adventure. In fact, the common life, one living space and common things make people change themselves and change those who are next to them. When we start to live with someone, the first days seem cheerful and joyful. Finally, the dream came true - a loved one is always near. But then, the lapping stage begins and everything becomes more complicated. Therefore, if a man immediately refused to live with you, perhaps he just is not yet ready to change his rules and give up his habits and interests.

Every house, every family has its own unwritten laws. They are made up of small things, but they are so familiar for us that without them we already feel uncomfortable and very uncomfortable. Perhaps at home we perform all these rituals mechanically, without even thinking. But, when someone tries to change the established way, a person begins to get angry and try to defend his way of life and conduct life. This leads to the first serious quarrels on domestic soil. Perhaps if a man immediately refused to live with you, then he is afraid of losing your love because of petty squabbles, which can turn into a huge snowball and destroy everything.

Every person builds his own life in his own way. He washes the dishes immediately or adds them to the washbasin for a week, washes the floor with a rag or does nothing at all without a wet cleaning, prepares one serving of food or cooks a whole vat for a week. When two people cross in one house, grown up in completely different conditions, soon, the house begins to turn into a battlefield. Perhaps your young man understands this and is not ready to check the strength of the relationship. This does not mean that he will never want to start a joint life. Simply, the guy understands that it is possible and necessary to wait for some time. In a small enclosed area, especially if the apartment is single-room, it is very difficult to hide anger and irritation from each other. There is a feeling that you are closed, like a mouse in a box. You have nowhere to go out and throw out emotions. Of course, you can go for a walk in the fresh air. But, in the end, do not you will always leave the house with any quarrel. A house is a place where, just the same, they hide from all life's storms and problems. And why such a house, from which everyone is trying to escape. Household problems are no less serious than lies and treason. They also greatly affect people's relationships. There were a lot of cases when almost ideal couples disintegrated after they began to live together. Simply, romance and tenderness under the starry sky, this, of course, is very good, but in order to become a strong family, only this is not enough. In this case, you also need patience, perseverance, wisdom and the ability to always find a way to compromise. If people understand that they have not yet learned how to behave this way with each other, it is best to postpone their joint life for later.

Another reason for refusing to live together may be the financial side. Perhaps the guy understands that he can provide for himself and you the way he would have wanted. Agree, because in order to live together, you need to have enough money to pay for a rented apartment, food, clothes, equipment and much more. If you call him to live with himself, the guy may feel uncomfortable. Real men pride does not allow to live with the girl and for his account. In some ways this is their plus, both at the same time and minus. But in any case, you must understand his position. Still, men are extremely difficult to reconcile with the fact that they contain a representative of the weaker sex.

In fact, often the material side plays the main role in the boy's refusal to live together. Therefore, before you get upset and upset, analyze the situation yourself. If you are still studying and do not have a stable earning, will you be able to contribute your part of the finances in payment for housing, purchase of products and many other things that from time to time become a necessity. It just seems so, that an independent life is easy and free. In fact, in some ways, people have even more responsibilities and prohibitions than when we live with their parents. Parents, of course, help their children even when they begin an independent life. But, if living in a family, a person can count on constant material assistance, then, when young people decide that they are adults and independent, parents, as a rule, give them the opportunity to try their hand independently. That is why, in order to live alone, one must have stable work and education. It is very difficult to combine everyday problems, work and study. Sessions, diploma, retake - all these are those force majeure circumstances that directly affect our income and create unnecessary domestic problems. It's good, when in a couple at least one person is no longer a student and keeps on the feet materially. But if a guy and a girl are still studying, then living together can be a very difficult test for them. It is in such situations, most often the most serious quarrels and disagreements begin. Judge yourself, and the guy and the girl need to take the session, and over them is already hanging a debt for rent, plus a mouse hanged in the fridge. Here's to you an excellent reason for scandals.

If a man immediately refused to live with you, perhaps he just understands the whole complexity of independent life and does not want to rush. And, maybe, your relationship just has not yet passed to the stage when it's time to think about such a difficult step. Of course, there are those cases when the guys for years can not grow up and leave the parent's wing. But, here the question is, do you need such a mama's son. In any case, a joint life is a serious step. Therefore, if a guy refuses to go to him for now, it is worth considering. Are you both ready to become absolutely adult and independent?