How to understand that a man is ready to have a child

Oh, these men! Prepare them, wash, caress, sleep. It's not enough for us, women, these worries, so it's also necessary to break your head, but is the man of my dreams ready to have a child.

Women are much simpler. Mother's instinct is inherent in nature. At the sight of the baby, many women experience a feeling of affection and joy. But not all men are ready for fatherhood. Do not be offended or grumbling at your beloved, if he does not feel the same feelings. Let's examine this issue in more detail.

How to understand that a man is ready to have a baby? Alas, it is not so easy to give an answer to this question. Let's look at this topic "from the opposite". Why a man is not ready for the birth of a child.

Now it is less and less possible to meet a man under 25 who has already acquired a family and a posterity. Men themselves explain this by the fact that they are not yet ready for this crucial step, that they need to get on their feet, to think about a career. And in general, the baby can disrupt the ordinary way of life, and they have not yet had time to live for themselves.

Recent research has shown that it is better for men to have children at adulthood. This not only contributes to a greater awareness of the feeling of paternity, but also affects the health of the baby. Scientists have proved that a mature man has more chances to produce a healthy child than a young man.

Some men say they do not like children. Psychologists say that this statement is due to the fact that when he was a child, he was not loved. And while this inner interpersonal conflict exists, the father's instinct does not come.

Fear of being not free also affects the attitude towards the child. After all, the birth of a baby entails a great responsibility on the part of both parents.

Psychologists found that another fact of the man's unpreparedness for paternity is jealousy. Yes, lovely women. Jealousy to the child. After all, before the advent of the baby, you paid all your attention to the man. The fear that you will have to share with someone else, even with your own child, does not allow a man to fully enjoy his fatherhood.

Some psychologists believe that once a man is not ready to have a child, then he has no confidence that this is his woman. Quite often you can hear the phrase "let's wait", "let's plan", which it is difficult for women not to take on their own account.

An interesting fact is that men are much more than we women are worried about our beauty and attractiveness. The fear that after the birth of the former beauty there will be no trace, also persecutes the men. No wonder there is an opinion that a man should be intelligent, and a woman should be beautiful.

Of course, do not think that men do not want children at all. And let's take the idea of ​​a fake pregnancy aside. After all, there are other cases when a man desperately struggles for the right to paternity, and his beloved wife answers him with phrases "not ready," "first career, then children," "I'm still too young," etc.

It is worth pondering the question, but is it necessary to plan with such precision the child.

After all, the most important thing is a sincere desire to have a baby. Even during pregnancy, you can do a lot: finish training, improve material well-being, improve health. No wonder children are considered a great incentive for a better life.

Is it possible to imagine a happy and fulfilling life without a child? I'm sure that at the bottom of your heart your man represents how he plays with his little son or drives away the annoying gentlemen from his little daughter. You just need to gain courage and patience and explain to your betrothed that having a child is not only fear and responsibility, but also great joy.