Interesting books for teenagers

Reading books is important in a person's life, but a special role such pastime plays in childhood. Children simply need to develop with the help of books, because from there they learn a lot of new things, they get the necessary information, develop techniques and speed of reading, get grammar skills, train logical thinking and imagination, expand their horizons. Not all children can find literature suitable for their age and interests, so it is important to direct them, to help in choosing books. The book market offers a sufficient number of interesting books for teenagers, but there are a lot of low-quality literature, so parents should be interested and check everything that is in the hands or on the table of their child.

And although high school students can themselves determine their interests and preferences, parents should select literature for their age. When choosing literature, pay attention to whether the book corresponds to the age of the child, take into account the features of his age, the pace of its development. This is important, since the difference in the age of several years dictates its interests, and the book, designed for a 10-year-old child, will turn out to be uninteresting and unnecessary for a fifteen-year-old. Carefully read the reviews, annotations to books and choose literature according to the age of the teenager.

Read the text of the book fluently. It should be written in literary language, without using obscene expressions and slang. And even if you come across the opinion that the author uses such techniques to convey the atmosphere of what is happening, leave these books for reading to adults. Often adolescents adopt the manner, style of behavior, conversation, habits of the hero they like and start imitating him, which is unlikely to please you.

Teenage literature should be of high quality. And regardless of what is told in the work, whether about fantasy events and other worlds or street teenagers, it should instill in the child moral values, guide him, expand his horizons.

In adolescence, children are very receptive, they react to almost everything that happens around. This is confirmed by the tenacity of adolescents copying the behavior and habits of their peers, friends, comic book heroes and films. This is what low-quality literature is dangerous for. It can adversely affect the views and overall development of the child, form an incorrect picture of the world and attitude to life. Parents should not allow this situation. Avoid it will help classical literature, the impact of which has been tested on several generations of people, as well as good books by modern authors.

The works of Erich Maria Remarque are an excellent example. Most of the characters are children or more recently they were, or remained children in the shower. In the pages of this literature deep feelings are experienced, the world around us is being comprehended, wars are going on, fights are happening, tragic deaths happen - all this can be reflected in your child's soul. After reading the works of Remarque in the heart there is a sense of purification and a light, light sadness. It is in such books that adolescents get the right idea about justice, honesty, true friendship, loyal love and true courage.

The stories of Arkadiy Averchenko are widely known for their sparkling humor and subtle irony. And although the actions unfold in the last century, analogies with the modern world are very interesting. It's funny to recognize yourself, your enemies and friends in the heroes of Averchenko's works.

In addition to the above, excellent books for teenagers are the works of Soviet writers Aleksin, Zoshchenko, Gaidar. They are fair, honest, kind, despite the ideology of Soviet power. Plots of their books are not inferior in sharpness to modern detectives.

The most exciting and piercing to "goosebumps" on the skin are the works of Jerome David Salinger. Heroes of his stories are very consonant with young people in their teens. The world of Salinger penetrates the reader, merges with the real, thus causing a lot of emotions.