Life, death and the meaning of human life

Life, death and the meaning of a person's life are philosophical problems, because no one can explain these words and phenomena. No one can prove what life or death is and for what they exist. Death is a terrible and at the same time attracting the word, there are so many riddles in it that we can never guess. You can think about it all your life, trying to understand and figure it out. And to solve it it is possible only at a meeting with it, and having met death, we lose a life, therefore about death till now it is not known. How many lives death takes every hour, or every day, month, year. In what guises does death come to us? Death comes to us in the form of old age, or in the form of climatic phenomena, in the form of accidents, or as a knife in the back or in the heart. Death is different, and in what form we deserve it, our life determines how we lived it, dignified or low.

A creature, with a scythe and a black cloak with a deep hood, covering the face, coming for our soul. Who is he and whose messenger? Or it is an independent authority, like a court, it determines where to send the soul, to heaven or to hell. He is the Earth's purifier, who reprimands a person for his merits or for his mistakes. He takes the souls of the fallen and exalted. How should we live so that death does not take us too early?

From the medical point of view, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and eat right. And are we insured against hereditary diseases that can take our lives? From the point of view of religion, give life to others, and life will be given to you, help your neighbor, and God will help you. Or why run from death? Suddenly, on the other side of the river, which divides life and death, similarities run from life, fearing that it will die. These two inseparable meanings, there would be no death, there would be no life. They are interrelated.

And what if death is life, only another, just as life is death? And that if death in the form of life is much easier and easier than our life. And we cling to our lives like the last drop of water and try for at least an hour, but to stretch out our lives and just not to see death. And what if our sinful souls are just punished and bear their punishment in the form of life, like a prisoner in a colony of strict regime. After all, life is sometimes like punishment, in the form of life problems. And what if our world is hell, where punished souls go.

Death is the beginning of a new life, the other that is destined for us, or which we have lost. Not for nothing that the phrase "life after death" appeared. And what if death is the door to a new life. We are afraid of death, and fear is peculiar to us, because we are always afraid of the unknown. We must survive death, that we may have eternal life. We are afraid of death, because we believe that we are our physical appearance. We believe that by dying, we lose our personality and personality. We are afraid to lose what we saved all our lives with excessive work, we are afraid to lose our material wealth.

And the body is just a haven for higher matter, which is called the soul. The body wears out like shoes from time to time, and the environment ages, and the soul always remains as it is, it bears its punishment, returning to the earth, settling into a new body, and so a thousand years, from body to body, serves time until its end. A premature death only increases the punishment, increasing the sentence, as well as increase the period of serving in the colony for escape from prison. And the soul who has served his punishment no longer returns to Earth, settling into the body. She finds complete peace.

For thousands of years people have been trying to unravel the meaning of life and death, but still no one can give an interpretation of these words and phenomena. There are many versions of death in terms of religion and science, but nothing has been proved.

And what is the meaning of life? Every person who is capable of thinking has often thought about the meaning of what he was born and lives for. We are all part of the higher cycle, we are born, we live, we die. Life is always much harder than many people say. And whence it is known that it is easy to die. After all, only the deceased can say this, but the dead do not speak.

They talk about life and death for centuries, and they will say the same number, because it is something higher and unattainable for a person. Everyone speaks about life and death, from the most famous to the most ignorant. But whoever and how much talks about life and death, all this will remain just conversations, and these phenomena will remain the greatest riddles of the universe.