Your patron saint by date of birth

Many world religions attach great importance to the date of birth, because it is this day that affects the future destiny of man and determines his heavenly patron. Everyone who comes to this world at the moment of Baptism is given a Guardian Angel who accompanies him in life, protecting him from misfortunes and guiding him to the true path. The image of the heavenly patron is the icon-intercessor, which must be addressed in prayer for help and support. This icon has a great power, it can attract happiness, love and prosperity, and also protect you from troubles and adversities.

Born between December 22 and January 21

Your intercessor is the icon of the Mother of God "Sovereign". This powerful shrine has repeatedly helped believers cope with problems and created many miracles, the glory of which is passed down from generation to generation. Before this icon pray for the health of family and friends, for salvation from invasions and wars, for the imminent finding of love and peace of mind, and They also ask for help in financial and cordial matters. Your heavenly patron is St. Seraphim of Sarov.

Born between January 22 and February 21

Your defender and helper is the icon of the Mother of God "Vladimirskaya". This is one of the most venerated in Russia images of the Virgin, known for its miraculous power. The icon heals from bodily and spiritual ills, promotes a strong happy marriage, guides the way true, gives strength in difficult periods of life. Repeatedly rescued the Russian lands from the invasion of enemies. And your heavenly intercessors are the holy ascetics Athanasius and Cyril.

Born between February 22 and March 21

Your patroness is the icon of the Iberian Mother of God ("The Goalkeeper"). It protects the dwelling from evil people, fires, floods and robberies, relieves physical and mental suffering, favors solving financial problems. Your heavenly defenders are Saint Alexius and Milentius of Antioch.

Born between March 22 and April 21

Ask for protection and intercession in the image of the Kazan Mother of God. This icon must be in any house, as it is a powerful amulet for family happiness. This miracle-working image is put at a cot, and also they are blessed by the newlyweds for a long and happy life. It is very good if the marriage coincides with the day of veneration of this icon. And your Saint Guardian Saint is St. George the Confessor.

Born between April 22 and May 21

Address in prayers to the icon of the Mother of God "Sporuchnitsa sinners". She acts as a guarantor between penitent parishioners and the Lord Jesus Christ and personifies the boundless love of the Theotokos to the sinful human race. This image will help to consolidate in the holy faith, overcome spiritual despondency and physical ailments, protect from committing unseemly acts. Your heavenly patron is the holy apostle John the Evangelist.

Born between May 22 and June 21

You have as many as two icons of intercession - the image of the Virgin "The Execution of the Dead" and "Burning Bush". Pray to them about the health of family and friends, especially children, about getting rid of addictions, sinful thoughts and diabolical temptations. Your heavenly keeper is Saint Alexius of Moscow.

Born between June 22 and July 21

Your intercessor and assistant is the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow". This image grants intercession and assistance in everyday affairs, supports in difficult moments of mourning, sickness and infirmity, helps the suffering and the have-nots. Your heavenly intercessor is Saint Cyril.

Born between July 22 and August 21

You are protected by the icon "Protection of the Blessed Virgin." One of the most venerated images of the Mother of God in Russia, which is able to protect from ills and infirmities, favors the acquisition of love and family happiness, heals from bodily and spiritual ailments, relieves unworthy thoughts and deeds. Your heavenly protectors are Saints Nikolai the Sinner and Ilya the Prophet.

Born between August 22 and September 21

Your assistant and defender is the icon of the Mother of God "Passionate." It will save the home from fires and natural disasters, relieve bodily ailments and emotional experiences, drive away dark sinful thoughts, give hope and faith, strengthen the strength of the spirit. Your heavenly patrons are Saint Alexander, John and Paul.

Born between September 22 and October 21

Your patrons and patrons are the icon of Pochaev's Mother of God and the image of the "Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord." Some of the most revered miraculous Orthodox shrines, help to heal serious illnesses, relieve infertility, save from betrayal, envy and betrayal, bestow peace and prosperity in the family, protect the dwelling from thieves and evil people. Your Guardian Angel and heavenly helper are Saint Sergius of Radonezh.

Born between October 22 and November 21

You are protected by the icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa" - one of the oldest among the Orthodox shrines. Helps in a speedy and successful delivery, is able to protect the child from illnesses and accidents, bestows spiritual insight and clarity of thoughts, guides the way true and prompts the right decision in difficult life situations. Your heavenly protector is the holy apostle Paul.

Born between November 22 and December 21

Ask for intercession at the icons of the Mother of God "Tikhvinskaya" and "Sign". These miraculous images are able to relieve infertility and incurable ailments, and also facilitate the course of pregnancy and the process of childbirth. They help to establish relationships in the family, protect the home from thieves and criminals, protect against gossip, intrigues and intrigues of ill-wishers. Your heavenly patroness is Saint Barbara.

It is important to note that the miraculous power of icons directly depends on the unshakable faith of the praying, sincerity and purity of his thoughts directed towards the Lord.