Mom found her soul mate

Mom found her soul mate and now she considers herself to be the happiest person in the world. It's very sad to feel that the closest person has been alienated from you ... Even at school you could not understand classmates who complained about despotic ancestors and even left home after quarrels. And they all said: "Well, of course, you're lucky! Such mothers as yours meet, probably one per thousand. " And not for nothing you envied. You and your mom did have a wonderful relationship.

Open, trusting and friendly. You did not hide from her your problems, feelings and joys. And she always tried to understand you and in some ways was like an older friend. Unfamiliar people even took you for sisters: my mother looks young, dresses stylishly ... The only thing you were embarrassed about talking with your mother is how much you worry about her personal life.

Dad is not with you for a long time - he died when you were still young. During this time she had several men, but with them something did not work out. Since then, as you realized that mom is not sweet to one, you began to dream that she finally had a personal life. And one day your wishes come true. And my mother found her soul mate, he is younger than her and such a whole man is a real big man, powerful and confident. He talks loudly, as if giving commands. And in everything, whatever he touches, he knows best how to do it properly. You initially took it well: my mother thought so timid, so fragile - she just needs such a defender and a strong shoulder, which you can rely on. But now you are increasingly feeling that with the advent of your boyfriend with your mother, friendship has disappeared somewhere. No, you do not in any way pretend to most of Mom's attention, like a little girl. No! But ... Mom seems to turn into another person. You see that in everything she becomes too much like her soul mate. As if unconsciously forged by it. For example, if he is an athlete - in winter he can not wait for any snow to snowboard, and in summer organizes canoe trips. And my mother, who has always been a home-grown and sissy, is now trying to keep up with him.

It would be fine if there was no violence against yourself ... You know your mother well and you see that she does not quite like it. But she does not complain about anything, but she portrays you with a happy life. With personal opinions - the same trend. Boyfriend is something to praise or condemn - and my mother follows him ... It's a shame! About all your affairs, my mother says now in a completely different tone and in other words. In recent months you have never even been alone, "heart-to-heart" do not communicate. Everyone, of course, says that you must give your mother a chance to live as she wants. You yourself understand that you can not always remain with her one whole. That she now has her own life, and she has the right to dispose of her as she pleases. And even you to judge from the point of view of the one who is closest to her now ...

The mind understands all this , but it hurts and longing for the old life. Why did she change so quickly and become so treated of you?
Any woman, regardless of age, when she finds her soul mate, willingly or unwillingly begins to change under the influence of a partner. And if love is mutual, then both change. Bad or good, it depends on how people perceive themselves adequately. Is it so bad that my mother began to lead a more active lifestyle? Was she trying to do something she had never done before? It seems that no. Of course, the fact that the changes have touched the relationship of my mother to you and your environment and, judging by your words, not for the better - this is worth paying attention to.

You need to find time and discuss with a loved one that you do not like at the moment. Just do not get rid of general phrases like: "You've become worse for me" or "You've become different," and specifically indicate what you do not like and makes you worried. And it's even better to spend more time with mom and her second half. Maybe you'll also like summer hikes and winter raids.