Lunar Calendar of the truck farmer for March 2016

With the first spring days, the work front of the garden and garden workers grows many times. The beginning of a wet and cool March signals that the time has come for harvesting seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, substrates and garden tools. At this time, trees and shrubs need caring care, and greenhouse and houseplants in spring top dressing and transplantation. Among the abundance of important cases, it is difficult to keep track of small things. A lunar calendar was compiled to help all hard-working summer residents in March 2016.

The lunar calendar of a truck farmer is not only a list of dates suitable for sowing and planting different types of plants, but other, equally important information:

Even the location of the star in the constellations, indicated in each lunar calendar, plays an equally important role for indoor flowers and for plants in the open ground.

Lunar Calendar of the truck farmer for March 2016 for the Moscow region and the middle zone of Russia

Spring is traditionally considered to be the hottest time for gardeners-gardeners in the middle zone of Russia and the Moscow region. In this difficult period it is necessary to have time not only to prepare the soil, but also to plant the majority of the putative plants. In March, they begin to thin the already prepared seedlings and remove the weak shoots, and also sow the late varieties of vegetables for the next batch of seedlings.

With special care it is necessary to choose days for carrying out those or other works in greenhouses, in a garden or a kitchen garden. In March, not all days are equally favorable for thinning, watering, transplanting, fertilizing, etc.

Lunar Calendar of the truck farmer for March 2016 for the Northwest

With the advent of spring, a few more compulsory items will add to the list of concerns of the North-West cottagers. For example:

At the same time, one should not forget about the usual daily routine worries dictated by the lunar calendar of the gardener:

Lunar Calendar of the truck farmer for March 2016 for the Urals and Siberia

In nature, all components are interrelated. Representatives of the world of the flora are closely dependent on the state of the heavenly body. When the Moon is in the growth phase, the aboveground part of the plants also increases. At this time it is best to deal with fruit trees. If the Moon decreases, the underground (root) part of the plants begins to grow stronger. In the period of the waning moon, the roots are replanted, transplanted and fertilized. In the full moon or new moon, in principle, it is not recommended to carry out any work in the garden or vegetable garden.

Taking into account the aforesaid it is possible to sum up: lunar calendars for gardeners of the Urals and Siberia always remain actual. After all, it is through them that it is easiest to determine the optimal days for seeding and planting the desired crop:

Lunar Calendar of the truck farmer for March 2016 for Belarus and Ukraine

The climatic conditions on the territory of Ukraine and Belarus in many respects exceed the "Russian" weather. In early March, gardeners, truck farmers of these regions have a much larger range of works on sowing, transplanting, nursing, watering, fertilizing, etc. In addition to the usual care of seeds and seedlings, it is necessary to protect trees from burns, remove barns, cellars and storerooms, check and prepare tools and dacha inventory. The cycle of necessary work begins to take more and more time. Fortunately, with the lunar calendar gardener in March 2016 is much easier to have time to do everything in the required time.

Experienced summer residents and gardeners know for sure that different cultures love certain phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac. And for beginner farmers, we recommend using the lunar calendar for March 2016 to avoid many ridiculous mistakes.