Money in a relationship of your loved ones

Money is an integral part of our life and makes it much easier, more comfortable and more pleasant. And they are the reason for quarrels, including family ones. Therefore, money in the relationships of your loved ones play a significant role.

If there are quarrels in your family relationships because of money - it's worth starting to worry. Analyze what exactly is the reason for these quarrels and how to fix it. Try to understand why you and your loved ones have different attitudes toward money. Just do not refer to the greed of her husband - it's too easy.
Psychologists have proved that the person's attitude to money depends on both the character and the psychotype. A person related to a planning type can very easily control both money and time. He can always remain indifferent to a beautiful, but unnecessary thing. People of this type are all planned - they need a refrigerator or TV, save money and then buy.

But there are also disadvantages of this type - if something suddenly goes wrong, as planned, they begin to experience and experience stress. In order for this to happen, sometimes these people should make purchases without thinking about their practicality.

Another type of people is spontaneous. People of this type spend money without measure and regret, yielding to a spontaneous desire. This type does not have a desire to save money and therefore they need to set a goal: for the fall new boots are needed - I will try to save some money.

The most successful option is combining thrift and desire for embezzlement. The expenditure of money is smooth, without spending everything on unnecessary purchases. Surely you have acquaintances who have the same income as you do, but they manage to live on this money without taking loans. At the same time, they sometimes make large purchases or go on vacation.

If your relationship with your loved one is often overshadowed by quarrels over money, be more attentive to your partner. Try to begin to consult before making any purchase (other than necessary and unavoidable waste). It will be much more effective quarrels.

But do not forget that everyone needs financial independence. Of course, do not go too far and ask for a report every day on the money spent. It is enough simply to discuss in advance with your husband some major purchase.

Similarly, if a husband has acquired something very expensive and disappointed in buying, do not immediately criticize him. Give him time to calm down. Then discuss this situation. After all, relations are more expensive.

Ksenia Ivanova , especially for the site