New Year is a family holiday

What is the New Year? This sparkling Christmas tree and gifts from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And every time everything is in a circle. The next year ends and a new one comes. We are laying out all our imagination, all our inspiration that this New Year's Eve would be an unforgettable holiday, that a new happiness would begin for the first time of the minute of this holiday. Perhaps, only once a year everyone believes in a miracle, without exception, from small to large. And here, I want to create in the house such an atmosphere that the miracle would like to look here. And now, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, scrupulously selected gifts to relatives, a festive table with culinary masterpieces - here it is a long-awaited holiday. All this means that the New Year is a family holiday. And we just have to meet him so that positive emotions overflow us and our family members until next year.

Many of us, on the eve of the New Year's euphoria, are asked such a problematic issue as how to make the New Year's Eve not forgettable, and the family and loved ones are the happiest on this holiday. The answer is simple, like twice two, it is necessary to try in this business, thinking absolutely every detail of the New Year's Eve. And then you really will feel the warm and festive atmosphere of the New Year by one hundred percent. New Year is a family holiday, therefore, depending on how you treat it, the mood of your households depends, and accordingly yours. Because there is nothing better than a happy environment of native people on this magical night.

It is always worth remembering that to prepare for the celebration of the New Year is worth it in advance. The more time to prepare, the more original and colorful you will get. On the calendar the first decade of December, do not wait for the numbers to pass in the twenties. Begin to act now, giving for yourself a "start" for preparation. As we already mentioned above, it is important to think about any details in this deli. So let's treat this with direct responsibility and try to think over this holiday together.

And so start with the table, or rather such an integral element, as New Year's tablecloths. It should be without a single spot or flaw. Therefore, it is well washed and ironed. It is not necessary to buy a new tablecloth every year. For the celebration of the next New Year, last year's one will do. You can simply refresh it by embroidering some New Year pattern on it or applying a festive applique to it. Remember that the tablecloth should hang about 15-20 centimeters from the table. By the way, the color of the tablecloth should be supplemented by the color of the napkins you have chosen. On New Year's, it should be contrasting colors. This, for example, is red in combination with yellow. The very decoration of the family New Year's table requires not a little imagination and fiction. In the center of the table, you should put a small Christmas decoration in the form of an original and neat Christmas tree branch made of artificial material. Also, do not forget about the New Year's candles, they will last for a maximum of two pieces. Closer to the center of the table, put oranges and stick in them for three Bengal fire, which are directly useful at the time of the battle of the chimes. Also, you can wrap small boxes with foil or colored paper and put them into each of them according to a note with New Year's wishes or comic predictions. If, at hand, there is no box, then take and sew a bright cloth bag specifically for this case. Let each member of the family, putting his hand into it, select a leaf with a wish for himself. This entertainment will discharge the atmosphere and give the sea a positive.

The New Year tree is a symbol of a holiday, try, that its outfit would be exquisite and would not repeat its last year's meaning. By the way, in addition to the main tree, you can make an additional mini-version, especially for your kids. In this case, the children will cause a sea of ​​positive emotions, the so-called "sweet Christmas tree". To make it, you will need a piece of cardboard, which you need to fold in the form of a cone. Secure it with the help of trimming the irregularities of its base, and in the end, stick the candy on the Christmas tree in bright wrappings. Know, your child will certainly appreciate it. After all, for children, the New Year is a fabulous holiday, so your main task is to do everything possible that your child would believe in this fairy tale.

Think about how to hand your gifts to relatives and relatives. Remember that any gift, not depending on its price and significance, correctly presented to its addressee, can be remembered very much for a long time. To do this, you must give your gift for a surprise. Your family will be satisfied with this. Take and pack all your gifts in bright wrapping paper, adding it with a lush and voluminous bow, fold them under your Christmas tree. On each of the presents, attach a card with the name of the person to whom it is addressed (son, grandmother, grandfather, beloved, etc.).

Making up the New Year's menu, consider all tastes and preferences of your family. Children sweet, adults everything else. Show all your culinary talent here. Refer to specialized publications or websites. And then, you will certainly indulge your relatives with the most exquisite culinary masterpieces, and they will immediately raise your first toast in the New Year, thank you for it, just for you and your efforts. Do not forget about the culinary decorations, because the correct design of the dish makes it even more appetizing.

And, as a result, I want to note, the more painstakingly you treat the celebration of the New Year, the merrier you will meet it with your family. Having tasted the sweetness of your creativity and noticing what joy was brought to your relatives, you will certainly feel like a sorceress. And do not let this wonderful feeling leave you. But the main thing here is not even that. And the fact that you will meet the New Year with your closest people who give you their smiles and radiate wonderful emotions of positive. It is for these reasons, you can safely say that your family holiday New Year, really succeeded. All in your hands.