Original gifts for a loved one

Each of us was faced with the problem of choosing a gift. Especially if it concerns a loved one. Many girls passed through it, when fewer days remain before the holiday and you are running about in horror shops, torturing your friends and relatives, trying to hear from them a sensible advice. Of course, they advise, but it's still not the same - you want your gift to be original, unique and remember your boyfriend for a long time. And you again and again ask this question. So let's think together how to make original gifts for your beloved.

The originality of the gift is, first of all, a mockery of the phrase "February 23 is approaching ... the world day of shaving foam". So, they laughed and that's enough. Let's get to the point.

Best of all - to make an original gift with your own hands for your favorite guy. Such a gift will be remembered and will leave a pleasant impression, and even show your special attitude to your beloved. Guys like it when girls do something with their own hands, and even more so for them. Try to sew something yourself: some original toy, a heart, a pillowcase or even a pillow. For fun, if you know how to knit, tie him something (even socks will do). Or cook something delicious. For example, ask your grandmother or mother for some original recipe (for example, something sweet - the guys love it, believe me), in extreme cases, ask for culinary help to the all-powerful Internet. The main thing is that in this case the gift was not bought , and you did it.

And yet, by the way, you can make a diary of your relationship with photos, different drawings and give your second half. Of course, in the latter case it is desirable that your relationship has already had a term (1 month is already considered). So here you can include the creative impulse of your soul. For example, if you are a creative person draw his portrait, or better than you two in some romantic perspective.

Gift for a guy

Or, if you both have a brilliant sense of humor, depict the picture of his dreams, what he dreams about: an iPod, a car, a house by the sea, etc., put in a frame and write "dreams come true", believe me, the originality in this case you will definitely distinguish yourself. Can you write poetry or compose music, dance well, sing? Dedicate one of the above to him. Such a gift will be a very pleasant surprise, which will cause a storm of enthusiasm and positive emotions - it is checked!

If you are not a fan of making gifts yourself and are not a creative person, but nevertheless, you want to make a gift to a guy original, you should carefully consider what your guy is interested in: what are his hobbies, hobbies, pastimes or pastimes. Learn as much as possible about him from himself and his friends directly. It all depends on the guy. What he values ​​and what he is. If it's romantic, then it will be quite a simple dinner, with candles, with a delicious cake and a nice postcard with warm words.

If he has a very cheerful joker, reject his fantasy from standard things. In this case, online shopping jokes and jokes offer a lot of options, of how to make original gifts for your favorite guy, so that everyone would have fun. You can choose a primitive, but funny for its originality gift. A beer lover can find a beer helmet for 2 cans of beer with a system of tubules for autonomous drinking. Lover of all sorts of nice little things, you can give a frame for a photo and paste in your joint photo or draw a mug of your own, such as your name plus his name is a question mark, let him think what binds you. Also, a keychain for a phone or keys with your photo or your joint, by the way, this thing will always be with him, so this is a good reminder of you that evokes pleasant emotions. As for the mural of cups and a keychain with a photograph, if you can not do it yourself, turn to specialists, in our time it is engaged in a lot of organizations that know their business (look in Google). And yet, on the day of birth, for example, you can give so many gifts - how old he was. Here it is not necessary to give expensive gifts, let it be funny trifles. Believe me, he will be very happy.

If you from the above listed did not choose one of the suggested options, then here are some more ideas for you. Order him the song that he loves very much. You can also put a melody that reminds him of some of your common pleasant moments that I would like to experience again and again. Now in radio broadcasts on many local radio stations a huge number of programs, thanks to which you can transfer a musical gift. It is always very touching and pleasant. You can also make a joint photo session, photographing each other or inviting a professional photographer, and then make a photo of the calendar or wall-paper in the apartment. Not necessarily taking pictures, he should say for what purposes. Let him think for the album - and here once again and such an original gift.

By the way, if you are both extremals - jumping from the parachute or bridge (in the latter case with insurance), will become your skate. Offer your second half such an extreme. This gift will surely be remembered, and for you two, and for a very long time.

Well, since, have you already chosen the original gifts for your favorite guy? Or are you still tormenting this question? By the way, here is another original gift, wrapped up from head to toe with a red packing ribbon and with the words: "I give you the most dear" and directly offer him "to unpack himself" (ribbon is all that you should be at the moment) or write on yourself pleasant words, declaration of love or even a small poem. To do this, you can use a pencil for eyes or lips, or a special paint for the body. Such a gift your loved one will appreciate on all merits ...

And finally, finally, I want to add: do not forget that his best gift is you and it is in yours in your hands and can make happy a loved one and loved you. So go ahead. After all, the most important thing is attention and care in this case, even a simple postcard from the heart with sincere words will be a wonderful gift. After all, sensuality, warmth of relationships and love. Dare! Enjoy your gifts in life!