Part of the witch is in every woman

Who is the witch? Those women who can not only read information from a person or from space, but also have energy, and are now called WITCHES. Sometimes with caution, but most of all with admiration ... The word "witch" has its Old Russian root "vdd", which is associated with the meanings of "know", "know", "know how". If you refer to Sanskrit, then "Veda" means "sacred knowledge". Therefore, earlier the word "witch" did not have a single meaning, and meant women who kept secret or sacral knowledge. The word "witch" was originally used in the sense of "the one that knows everything", from where came the further "sorcerer". Witches - those who know (knowing) have long lived away from other people. It's easier to collect your knowledge. Another important thing was that only those who really needed it came to the Witch for her help.
For ordinary people, witches were very respected (that's why the guides were not so distracted). Any true witch recruits knowledge and supernatural powers throughout his life, studying magic in various fields, closed colleges and universities, sacred, secret organizations from a guru who gives knowledge from the teacher to heirs. Modern ladies rarely do such a thing, but there is a small part of the witch in every woman

Techniques of modern "witches". This technique is good for a confident, determined person who met him. Our goal is to attract attention to him, create a contact-trust, which will be his step towards closeness. It's also good that it might look like a simple flirtation: magical skills and real magical power should hide from the uninitiated.
With this method, you can concentrate all the attention of the "partner" on you. Even if he has to be distracted, his gaze will in any case come back to you, attracting to your witch part, which is in every woman. And it, like a magnet, will pull you.

The starting data for this methodology will be:
- the possibility of a live (not virtual) contact with the desired "partner";
- Distance to the "partner", at which you can clearly see the pupils .;
- the ability to look straight at the man's eyes, while not looking away (if you are shy, then train, you have to learn to look inseparably into the eyes of another person).
Love magic, which can take possession of every woman, does not tolerate excessive thoroughness, refer to such a technique as a simple game, where the main thing is not victory, but ...

We will learn the true attitude. In relationships, we often doubt the truthfulness of the feelings of our second half.
Because honesty is one of the main components of a happy personal and family life. How can you determine how a beloved man behaves honestly towards you? First of all you need to pay attention to his eyes. They can not lie, whether we like it or not.
When we compose a fairy tale, the eyes unconsciously "go" to the side, while giving us away. Remember the phrase from the novel "The Master and Margarita", such a "truth to speak easily and pleasantly"? After all, if a child lies, we immediately recognize it. However, growing up, with the help of control of facial expressions and voice, we try to teach our body not to betray us, if we say untruth, every woman and every man does it. But, no matter how we try, the elements of awkwardness take place at any age. And the adult person, if he is lying, involuntarily covers his chin and mouth. By such small movements you can read people's thoughts, what they are trying to hide from us. You can deceive another person, but not your body.

Arithmetic of relations. Some women often complain of a lack of male attention and everyone can not find a soul mate. But in fact, the reason is hidden in the energy balance of the female and masculine qualities that exist in any person. The man is more dominated by vertical energy. It is characterized by such characteristics as purposefulness, perseverance, and also strength. Women's energy, on the contrary, is horizontal. She also makes the part of the witch that exists in every woman.

It is more calm, soft and gentle. Such energies can be well learned to manage, taking into account each individual situation. Vertical energy gives aggression and activity. In its essence, the desire to experiment, to act, to try to sail the vital river otherwise, to seek other ways.
If a man lives without women's energies, then his actions are more destructive, and far from creative. However, a woman who has a part of a witch, without male energies, can not bring something new into her life. If the girl starts to dominate the vertical type of energy, then there is an imbalance of the entire energy field and there are problems in your personal life. A typical example in our time is a business lady who has strong-willed and strong character.

She has a male character trait, which can often frighten members of the opposite sex. This situation is quite obvious, since the energy field of such women is endowed with a huge number of different masculine qualities. As a result, men stop taking such an iron lady as an object for flirting and begin to talk to her on an equal footing. And sometimes such communication can grow into a competition, with which not every woman can reconcile.
But in fact, in fact, any woman is already a ready WITCH, of course, in a good sense of the word. Part of the witch is in every woman - it's a fact. Yes, yes, no matter how surprising and strange it may sound. That is, a true witch sleeps in any of us ... and you can awaken her mystical power, develop abilities and learn to coordinate the entire space of life in a coordinated way.