Perfect woman with the eyes of men

The ideas about the dream woman in men sometimes differ greatly from those that ladies themselves adhere to. So let's consider with you in this article what attracts men, and what repels. What are the myths about this?

MYTH 1. Men are scared by very intelligent people - they are difficult to manage

Reality . In fact, most men like sensible women, confident in their minds, emanating calm and reliability. However, the strong sex does not sympathize with the ladies, who constantly "clever" and arrange for their half an examination for erudition. Nobody will like this. And imagine yourself in his place. If he would trump his knowledge, at the same time he showed how little you know in comparison with him.

Council . Even if you are more competent in some issues, do not "trump" your knowledge and especially do not make fun of your partner. Delikatnoplozhltte your option, and then the husband will feel psychologically more comfortable.

Myth 2. An ideal woman should have a model appearance

Reality . Having feet "from the ears" is not at all sure that a man will call this woman ideal. The bulk of men like the silhouette of the guitar (narrow waist and wide hips). This type of figure they chooseinstinctively - such a woman is able to endure and give birth to a healthy heir.

Council . It does not matter that you do not hold out to model parameters, you just have to watch yourself. It is not necessary to walk around at home with a dressing gown and a dressing gown. Show all your appearance that you are attractive, even when you prepare dinner.

MYTH 3. An ideal woman brought up in strict rules

Reality . Of course, good upbringing and exquisite manners are considered worth, but they are chilled by cold. And as nira-paradoxical, too "good" character, lack of extravagance and a healthyportion of "bitchiness" for men can get bored with time.

Council . In order to arouse interest in a man, a woman must sometimes perform spontaneous actions, violate generally accepted rules, and have her own opinion and not be afraid to voice it. Make an occasional time in your relationship. This will give them a little twist. Your partner will never get bored with you and he will not have the desire to look at someone else.

MYTH 4. An ideal woman should have a prestigious job

Reality . First of all, any man wants to see the employer with him a fascinating interlocutor, with whom you can discuss not only what account came for the "communal". That is why a working woman may be preferable to a modern man. But she does not necessarily have to be a business lady and have a prestigious job.

Council . Whichever your work is, try to develop intellectually and spiritually so that your husband is always interested in you. A boring and shabby housewife is useless to anyone, even if she is a chef in the kitchen, and the house is clean and cozy.

MYTH 5. An ideal woman and a horse at a gallop will stop

Reality . The one with whom the reputation of a "strong woman" has been established, as a rule, demonstrates its power within the home, trying to influence all spheres of her husband's life: from choosing a hairstyle to the closest environment. But the image in the male mind is not associated with the ideal. No man will endure a constant assault on his personal territory.

Council . Be feminine and do not be afraid to seem weak. Believe me, then the man will have nothing else but to be courageous.

Do not cease to amaze your partner, make a quick living relationship, and then you will be loved, and therefore, ideal for your man.