Lent 2016: dates and calendar for Orthodox and Catholics

The fourth month, or Great Lent 2016, is a kind of voluntary act in the name of the savior of mankind - Jesus Christ. The most strict fast in the Orthodox life lasts 48 days, taking into account the passionate week. In these days the believer expects a deep purification of the soul and body as a result of physical and spiritual abstinence from animal food and worldly goods.

The time of Lent is not only strict observance of the rules of nutrition, but also the mandatory storage of pure thoughts, regular prayers and the absence of all evil deeds. With the help of strict limitations in the habitual way of life in the days of Lent, it is easier for a person to approach those holy torments and temptations that the Savior managed to withstand during the forty days of wandering through the desert.

Great post among Orthodox and Catholics has only some similarities and a lot of differences. If the Orthodox fast is characterized by the strictest ban on carnal pleasures and dietary restrictions, Catholics are prescribed only small recommendations concerning the diet. At the same time physical pleasures are allowed, and stress is put on self-development and self-improvement.

What is the date of Lent 2016 (start and end dates)

Preparation for severe abstinence should last a considerable period, at least 3-4 weeks. In this regard, you need to know exactly when the Great Lent 2016 begins. Especially, if the Orthodox and Catholic churches have such dates.

The Catholics

In the Roman Catholic Church, the beginning of fasting falls on Ash Wednesday - February 10, and its ending on Great Saturday - on March 26 (on the eve of Catholic Easter).

The Orthodox

In the Orthodox Church the beginning of the Great Lent coincides with the end of the Carnival . Following Proverted Sunday on Monday, March 14, people begin to observe all the precepts and abandon the previously habitual daily things, replacing them with sincere concealments of sins and requests for forgiveness. End of Lent 2016 - April 30, on the eve of the Orthodox Easter (Light Resurrection of Christ).

Great post 2016: the calendar

Every year the Great Lent is controlled by the food calendar established for the past centuries. It always remains unchanged, and only the dates of the holidays that affect the hardening or loosening of the regulations change.

Observing Lent 2016, you need to control anger and aggression. Evil thoughts and sinful actions can nullify even the most severe starvation.