Rules of conduct on a first date

It's like a real exam, to which you are preparing for a long time, and then you are wildly worried and forget all the phrases prepared beforehand. And if the first meeting, then emotions and completely over the edge! The fact that the guy worries the same, very few calms. But we know exactly how we need ourselves. Today's goal for you: remember the basic rules of behavior on the first date.

Are you impatient? The guy - even more. Do not pull with the meeting, he may well change his mind. By the way, this terrible pimple on your forehead just does not scare him away. MCH will not notice it. Forget about the new image. To change beyond recognition, paint in a radically new color and make a fashionable super-short haircut right before the date is definitely not worth it. Not only will you shock a guy with this "coup", so you risk not even like yourself.

Do not forget to dress. Mini and ultra short is the perfect duet for the beach, but not for a romantic date. Believe me, the persevering attention of the other guys to your figure MCH just will not make you happy.

Be happy. Offended by life and pressing on the pity of girls, the guys are afraid and try to stay away from them. From the date he wants only happy memories, and not depression. And you, most likely, too. So it's better to leave a sad story about how hard it is for you to live with yourself. Do not eat too much ... The guy at least starts to complex about whether he will be able to feed such a gluttonous person, and as a maximum - will present you in ten years with a slightly blurred figure ... and too little.

Men - they are strange. Eat - bad, do not eat - even worse. If you order a glass of water or you chew on a leaf of a salad, the first thing that comes to the boyfriend's head will not be that you follow the figure and all such modesty, but that you have too many cockroaches in your head on healthy lifestyles and appearance. And the girls with zamorochki guys do not favor.

Alcohol, can, and relaxes, but still makes a person awkward and not very pleasant to communicate.

Avoid details. If you tell the guy on the first date about how you happened to lie in the hospital with appendicitis in the sixth grade, and in the seventh because of you Petka and Mishka fought, then the whole charm of your communication will disappear imperceptibly, because the book you read is put on a shelf, even if the plot in it was very exciting.

Speak. Try not to behave like a partisan during interrogation. It is not necessary that a guy fished out words from you one at a time, and monosyllabic answers "yes" and "no" are not welcome. Be more active, but do not overdo it, but rather let the guy lead the conversation himself, supporting the proposed topics - he will definitely like it.

To be uninviting. Questions about family, prosperity, plans for a career and a house in the village leave it for later - this is the best moment for the rules of conduct on the first date.

Guys can not stand when they try too hard to penetrate their personal space. Just the same time you will have time to find out all the details of his life "before you", but gradually and when it will be more convenient to talk about it.

Do not look. Try to hide your attentive look a-la the optical sight. Under such a spooked spy, he will feel uncomfortable, not to mention an ordinary guy.

Be natural. Even if it seems that this is a great idea, any surprise may turn out to be unpleasant for a guy, as long as you do not know him well enough. Now the naturalness in your behavior is the most important thing, and leave funny jokes and surprises for serious and trustworthy relationships.

Do not be touched ... at the sight of babies and wedding limousines. And also dolls, balls and puppies. He still does not exactly want to become a nanny - neither for you, nor for your imaginary children. To come alone. Bring a girlfriend or younger sister or mother is strictly forbidden. A date is for two, unless you have agreed on something else.

Boys do not like it when they are embarrassed, and even more so in an uncomfortable position. Do not show intellect.

At first it will be enough to like it externally, but you will always have time to demonstrate your ability to multiply in your mind two-digit numbers.

Even if you are 100% sure that the capital of Australia is not Sydney, but Canberra - do not argue. Dispute is not the best pastime for a first date, especially if you are right ... Do not gossip. Leave this lesson for meetings with girlfriends. The guys do not like to discuss others, it irritates them.

Be modest

Do you like to praise your abilities in cooking, cleaning and laundry? This is generally what? He is already scared.

Actor's talent in you, of course, in the blood, but playing is always quite problematic. And if you appear in the image of a fatal woman, you will have to be this always, even if in fact you are modest and shy.

Be strong. You can not be capricious and showing female "weaknesses".