Rules of good taste for eating

Behind food rules of good taste are simple and easily assimilable. If you are a guest, do not do anything that offends the hosts, other guests, or delivers trouble to anyone around them. At the same time, good-sounding rules are not some obsession that can make you feel stiff or depressed. Simple advice - behave in such a way as to feel most natural in this or that environment, but also do not forget about the interests of people who are near you.

Of course, a picnic with friends in a country house or a reception in the company of business partners suggests different behavior. But nevertheless, there are rules that must always be fulfilled.

The basic rules of good taste for eating

Rules of good taste when drinking

According to the rules of drinking, the owner of the house should raise his glass first, uttering a toast to the health of all who are present or generally for health. The exception is the circle of close friends when all toasts are good.

Nobody canceled the practice of clinking glasses. Wonderful chimes when they are held by thin legs. Here the rules are not so strict.

But there are rules that are fairly strictly applied during official receptions. There clinking is not welcome. Another thing - a home party or dinner among close friends. For chokaniya there are anniversaries, wedding dinners, birthdays, New Year's holiday.

The master should fill the glasses, first having poured a sip to himself, and then to the rest of the guests and only at the end again replenishing himself. The same rules apply, if the owner is on the filling, and even lonely. Rotating the bottle while pouring, you will not let the drops of wine spill onto the tablecloth. Previously, trying to fill the glasses no more than two thirds. Now this rule does not apply. The glasses produced today are much more spacious, so they should be filled only until the middle. Do not rush to drink immediately after eating. Wipe your lips with a napkin so that the edges of the glasses do not become greasy.