Selection of the best greetings and wishes for the wedding

After the official part of the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests go to a restaurant where you can have fun and relax. You will find excellent toasts in the articles " Toasts for the wedding " and " Eastern wedding toasts ". One of the most important components of the holiday is the congratulations of parents, friends and relatives at the wedding. How to make it so that the banquet does not turn into a boring series of toasts and monotonous poems? What a congratulation just like the young, here are some tips.

Wedding congratulations from parents

Congratulation of parents at the wedding always attracts everyone's attention. Let it be lyrical and touching. Mom and Dad have a unique opportunity to tell their children about their love and give parting words.


Dear children, we wish you now,
To trouble and bad weather never knew you.
Get on the road - quickly drive them away,
Well, happiness and luck always meet you warmly!

And when it suddenly becomes difficult, then you are pressed to each other,
Do not show tears, do not skimp on smiles,
And of course, we expect more children from you,
Well, you live happily together and longer.


Dear our daughter and son. Today on your faces we see endless happiness and smiles. So let these smiles never go away from your faces, and your happiness will actually become endless. All in all you are kind and bright in your new, so far unexplored, but already so interesting life. Advice you to love!

Congratulations can be comic, it will amuse the guests and the young.


I'm proud of my son:
I now have a daughter!
How can not I like
Such a beauty!

If you call your mother,
I'll replace you mother.
I dreamed of my daughter,
To make me a girlfriend.

We will not divide the son:
We both love him.
He is, in fact, not a log,
So we will at the same time.

Forget I'm my mother-in-law,
I will not drink your blood:
I will remember my youth again,
How I feared my mother-in-law.

If my advice is useful,
I'm ready to share.
But all the arguments are without me!
I'm my mother-in-law, not a judge.

If you are quiet,
Who will not be happy?
You want to live loving,
So that your family grows up.


I had only a daughter,
And now I am with my son.
The daughter of her husband had
I became rich in my son.

If I am your mother,
You will call your mother.
Mother-in-law is in an anecdote,
And with me you will not be lost.

I do not want to disturb you,
So, I'll just drop in for tea.
And you will give birth to a baby
Himself with a bow you will come running.

Between you, live amicably,
I'll help if I need to.
But remember forever:
Im free person.

I dreamed of giving my daughter
Only a good son-in-law would be good,
And I'll go for a walk myself,
To youth to catch up.


Separately it is necessary to say about the wishes of the sister to his brother and vice versa. In ordinary life, we rarely tell our brothers and sisters how we like them, wedding is a great opportunity.


My younger brother and best friend,
And the godfather for the son of the glorious,
Wide range of guests at the wedding circle,
Today is your most important day!

Here congratulations do not end,
But, I want to say especially:
Do not forget the mother, father,
What gave you life the way!


The earth wakes up from the snow,
Heart beats like a spring drop.
You, brother, have become a husband today,
Well, I called myself a scavenger now.

Happiness is a magical bird of paradise
Live in your union will be many years,
And love in the soul is always sparkling,
Keeping a marriage vow!

And then, let this bird turn around
A white stork flying to heaven,
And, when he returns to earth,
To you the Lord will present the kid!

Bird of happiness, this white stork will,
And you have a reliable nest,
Your peace of mind, he will not get tired,
How many years since this moment has not passed!


Best wishes for a wedding

The witness and witness are the main assistants to the toastmaster. Their wishes should be bright and clockwork. It is not necessary to read poetry, prose is also suitable. Milo looks funny story from the life of the groom or the bride, it can be supplemented with a clip from the photos.


Friend! So many years we were together:
Do you remember our group from kindergarten?
Today you are a beautiful bride!
I'm for you, believe me, very happy!

How beautiful you are today, how ecstatic your eyes shine!
The spirit grasps, and from delight the tear unintentionally breaks!
So be happy, take care of each other,
Let the kids be a full house!

I hope, we'll meet (if you invite us to visit)
Behind your warm and cozy hearth!
Example of witness speech:
Do you remember, friend, how you played in the courtyard?

But punishing us was not a burden.
I'm losing my partner in games!
This loss, however, to me in joy!
Looking at your joyful faces,

I'm twice as happy myself!
And in your honor I'm ready to have fun,
I'll raise the glass many times today!
Live together, take care of feelings,

Farewell quickly if anything happens.
To save the family is not an easy art,
For this, you should marry!


I am like a pastor and a church virtue,
My role, solemn witness,

Let a heavy load be loaded on his shoulders,
But it looks like I'm into the taste.

Contests, glasses - I cope,
To be ridiculous at the wedding is not shy,

Bride, I wish the bride,
So that your family will soon blossom.

This wedding, only the first, a small explosion,
It will push you to a family, wonderful life.


Original greetings to the newlyweds at the wedding

Original congratulations give space for a flight of fantasy. It can be a short wish in the style of Japanese hoku or an intricate rap, a remake of a song or ditties. Friends of the newlyweds can perform a dance and sing a congratulatory song.


We want to wish you:
Do not get old, do not lose heart,
To eat in moderation, to sleep soundly
And do not forget your friends!

And there is still a desire:
So that at the festive table
Laughter, fun, jokes, songs
Have not left your home !!


To create a family is your decision.
Well! You are an adult!
For holistic movement
Now you are lost forever.

We may have pushed ourselves,
Do not put tea leaves in tea,
Not seeing your agony
Or offended by accident.

You were a reliable brother of ours!
And we hope now,
That, even being married,
Do not say the skinny words about us.

And to you, wishing for a long life,
Happy, bright as spring,
With all the shout together "bitterly!"
And draining the glass to the bottom!