Sexual life after childbirth

It is known that pregnancy and childbirth can significantly change the sexual life of partners. Firstly, when carrying a child, there are fears that sexual intercourse will harm and interrupt pregnancy. Secondly, after the birth of an infant many women simply do not have time for an intimate life. Therefore, to make attempts to resume sexual activity after the experience of childbirth should be carefully.

Many men hardly wait for the period of pregnancy of the wife, and therefore try to start the sexual life as soon as possible after childbirth. In many respects this is due to the fact that husbands often lack attention and care on the part of a woman, as she is engaged in caring, feeding, raising a child.

It should be noted that doctors are not advised to quickly resume sexual relations after childbirth, as this can lead to adverse consequences for a woman. It is believed that the female reproductive system should be strengthened after childbirth, for this you need to wait some time. It is best to start a sexual life after all the consequences of labor have disappeared. It is recommended to seek the advice of a gynecologist. His examination will be able to answer the woman on the question - is she ready for the resumption of sexual relations. Reception at the doctor consists not only in careful survey of genitals of the woman, but also in appointment of the correct treatment at the arisen problems. In addition, the gynecologist will help you choose the method of contraception, which will suit you and your partner, help prevent unwanted pregnancy and avoid abortion.

After the expiration of what time after birth, you can start a sexual life

Medical manuals write that sex life can begin 6-8 weeks after delivery, not earlier. This period is enough for the woman's uterus to return to its original state, freed from the remnants of tissues and blood, and restored its damaged tissues. Experts unanimous in the fact that sexual intercourse can not be carried out until the woman completely stops bleeding. Otherwise, it can lead to infection of the uterus or vagina. If the childbirth was with any complication: rupture of the perineum, episiotomy, etc., then abstinence from sexual intercourse should be prolonged until all wounds and stitches are fully healed.


Often, a woman after childbirth has anatomical changes in the genitals. This leads to some inconvenience. At birth, there is a strong expansion of the vagina, so it is for some time in a relaxed relaxed state. This can cause depression in women, because they can not feel orgasm to the full. Men can also experience discomfort for this reason, since there is no feeling of close contact.

Traditional and traditional medicine recommend special gymnastics to restore the vaginal tone. Exercises are aimed at training a single perineal muscle, its arbitrary contractions. This muscle covers the entrance of the vagina and anus. In addition to physical issues, childbirth leaves behind a trail of psychological problems. Such difficulties arise for various reasons. Some women fear that genital mutilation has not completely healed, others fear pain, others suffer from postpartum depression, and they lose their sexual desire completely. And many women are very tired, and at the end of the day they do not want anything, not even sex.

However, do not be afraid to have children, all these problems are solved and temporary. Each woman has a unique body, so the period of his recovery after childbirth for each individual. One woman needs a few days, another needs 2-3 months to recover. Have enough patience, and support each other, these problems are surmountable.