Singer Maxim, autobiography

Singer Maxim's autobiography
"Each person is given his age. Someone is born an old man, and someone at any age remains a child. And this childishness is inherent in me. It seems to me all the time that something magical will happen around the corner. "

Act, sister!
Thanks to her older brother Maxim has not only a stage name, but also a tattoo on her shoulder and a karate belt. The rest did the girl herself.
MakSim (Marina Maksimova) received two awards at the MTV Russia Music Awards 2007 in the nominations "Best Performer of the Year" and "Best Pop Project". For the singer, the award was quite expected, because her debut album "Difficult Age" sold over a million copies! But the singer does not intend to rest on her laurels.
Answer, please, that you prefer more - calls or sms.
Neither one nor the other. Faster of course, to call, but I really love writing letters by hand. I love getting them. By the way, I also write all my songs by hand.
It is not typical for a modern inhabitant of a metropolis! Do not be friends with a computer?
Yes, I would be happy, just for some reason we do not find mutual understanding with him. In addition, I'm used to experiencing everything through paper. So more reliable.
Perhaps your favorite subject at school was Russian.
Yes. And literature, history.
Fell in love with the teachers?
No! From somewhere there was a rumor that my first love was a computer science teacher. So, this is not true! Absolutely! Moreover, when we studied, we thought that he was gay. Well, what feelings can you talk about ?!
You sing about love. And what kind of relationship do you have with men?
I'm natural! This, in my opinion, is the most important thing. I'm not amorous or jealous. Now the relationship for me is a luxury, I can not give much time to a person who is close. So while I'm alone.
What about your songs? Is it fiction?
Not really. These are mostly personal experiences, which are somewhere in the past. As for show business, this is the environment in which I can do what I like and what I want.
And what kind of men do you like?
It is difficult to express in one word. Probably, I will not be particularly original, if I say that some inner force should be in the eye. He must be able to do things.
It's probably men of age.
Not necessarily. Age has nothing to do with it. There are people who already in 20 years something of themselves represent, with them it is interesting. They are livelier, they already have something, but much is yet to come. They have not forgotten how to dream.
Do you have a dream?
Yes. Probably, I would like to save animals - endangered species. I love animals.
Do you have pets?
No. I say that I love animals. But I do not have time to take care of them.
They say you are very quick-tempered and once even beat your sound engineer.
There are times when I want to smash a phone or something. But I try to let off steam when people do not see it. I'm afraid to offend those who are around.
As a child, you went to karate. This scar on the bridge of the nose - the memory of that time?
So you want to lie! To say that she defended the weak and fought in an unequal battle. In fact, this is an ordinary children's scar: fell, hit the table.
And what all the same prompted you to go on karate?
I have an older brother, Maxim. And so that we do not hang around, my mother wrote me down for dancing, and my brother on karate. Our training took place in neighboring rooms, through the wall. Since I did not like dancing very much, I moved to another section, to my brother. Mom learned that I received a karate belt, only in six months.
You consider yourself beautiful.
Well, nothing so-so. But this is not the main thing.
And what is this tattoo on the right shoulder?
I did it when I was still in school. There was something so incomprehensible. My brother did, and I decided too.
What do you see yourself in ten years time?
Oh, that's a complicated question. I prefer not to think about it. I know for sure that I would like to be more discreet and calm. I do not want to be wasted. I want to be wiser - that's for sure.