Stepper Stepper for Weight Loss

Often, acquiring a rather bulky and far from inexpensive simulator, which occupies half the room, people begin to work hard at home. But most of them give up this business in a month's time. Some people stop studying, referring to the lack of time, others are not satisfied with the result. And in the end, once the formerly a simulator, the object becomes a clothes hanger. But all of the foregoing does not apply in any way to a small, small-footed simulator - a stepper.

What is a stepper?

Stepper is a simulator based on the principle of walking on the steps. Pursuing nannem, there is a so-called cardio training. That is, in addition to acquiring a seductive priests and beautiful legs, the stepper promotes the training of the cardiovascular system. Regular classes on the stepper contribute to the burning of fat deposits, and during the training you can charge positive emotions.

Stepperidelas are divided into two types. The first (load-regulating) kind of stepper is equipped with pedals, handrails and a mini-computer that allows you to change the rhythm, load and frequency of walking. And the second, more budgetary option, consists of a pedestal and a counter. The pedals in this kind of stepper or independent of each other (this makes it possible to give different loads to each leg) or connected, in this case the load on the leg formulations is distributed evenly. However, it is worthwhile to note that steppers with independent movement are recognized as the best option, they give a great load and training become more effective.

The simulator is reliable and safe, even though it does not have handrails. However, you can choose the type of simulator by the expander sweepers, which are used instead of handrails and give the shoulder and arm load.

For people who have the financial opportunity and free space in the apartment, a stepper with different "bells and whistles" has been developed. It is stuffed with different sensors measuring the pressure, pulse, some models are equipped with even sensors measuring the metabolic processes of the body. Weigh a multi-kilogram simulator.

Does the stepper help in losing weight ?

Yes, yes, it helps. Due to the fact that the muscles begin to work, theyreheated, and the fat slowly begins to "melt". Legs become more slender, gluteal and hip muscles tighten, become elastic, acquire a small relief. Also in the process of step-training is given the load on the muscles of the abdominal press, especially the lower part. In addition, if the train is equipped with handrails, then the load goes also to the muscles of the upper body.

Thanks to the fact that there is cardio training (blood runs more actively through the vessels, oxygen enters the hard-to-reach muscles), the cellulite skin becomes pinched and taut. And in order to increase the speed of getting rid of cellulite, you can use special cosmetic products or wraps during the exercises on the stepper.

As for the consumption of calories, it is also quite tangible. For half an hour you can burn 250 kcallories! This is comparable to the fact that if you spend an hour skating at full strength. Also, plus a stepper is that doing it on it, you can do several things at once. For example, watching TV. Stepper is very compact and has a small mass, it can be easily lifted by a girl and put in a closet. It takes about 60 places per 60 square centimeters.

Also, this simulator is good for those people who do not have the opportunity to walk or to run a run in the park, outdoors or at a stadium. And those who have such a possibility, very often just too lazy to leave the house and run. Having left on the dusty pavement, located near the highway, a person risks swallowing exhaust gases from passing cars. And when a stepper has risen, you can safely, breathing the air of the air, make the same runaway.

Cons of a stepper

Minuses in steppe see people with a high level of physical training, for which a certain load on the muscles is necessary, and a stepper for increased load is not calculated. But to people who just want to strengthen their muscles and get a charge of cheerfulness, the load of a stepper will be quite enough.

It is also not enough that the movements on the stepper are monotonous, however, as well as the nave-roll. But the stepper takes up less space and is cheaper than a spring. But here, as they say, the taste and color of friends is not.

There are contraindications to practicing on the stepper, but a little. These are joint diseases, chronic forms of respiratory system diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Before you buy a stepper, you need to consult your doctor.

If you want to make your figure more beautiful and smart, do not forget that you need to eat right - to exclude fried, smoked, sweet, highly salted foods, fast food from the diet, you need to eat more vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Also, to achieve the result, you need to increase the training time. You can start from 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the training time for 3-5 minutes every two days. By adhering to these rules, after a month of regular classes on the stepper you will approximate your body to the desired result.