Than oat is useful

Not only do the British pay tribute to the nutritional value of oats. From ancient times people ate oatmeal and porridge. Thanks to such a diet, Russian bogatyrs grew up.

Although oats are plain and plain, they are a useful food crop and a medicinal plant.

The nutritional value of oats is determined by the composition of its grain part: 18 percent protein, 60 percent carbohydrates and about 5 percent fat. This is the optimal ratio. In addition, the plant contains vitamins E, A, K, group B, microelements, enzymes, tender fiber.

With regular consumption of food from oats, the stool is normalized, the intestine is cleared, and its microflora is restored. Favorable action renders such food and on the liver. The thyroid gland receives the thyroid hormone.

Oats found an enzyme that facilitates the digestion of fats, and an enzyme that improves the absorption of carbohydrates.

From oats prepare a nutritious jelly, which contains a large amount of mucus, which has an enveloping effect. It is used as a remedy for chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Eating oatmeal is also recommended for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis of the arteries, aorta and a number of liver diseases. Oatmeal porridge must be included in the menu of patients with diabetes mellitus, since complex substances - polyphenols, isolated only from oats and oat straw, contribute to a decrease in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

To the merits of oats include and rendered to them a restorative, tonic, haematopoietic, appetite-stimulating action. It improves and renews blood composition, prevents blood clots (with coronary heart disease, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, after various operations). Increases the number of leukocytes, normalizes metabolism. Promotes strengthening of immunity, increases the protective functions of the body, the ability to self-purification. Retains aging senility.

Oatmeal porridge is very useful for children, and also effective for bone injuries, wound healing and burns. They are good for giving birth to women who have lost a lot of blood, and to increase the amount of breast milk.

Other parts also have a beneficial effect, although, of course, the grain is the most valuable component of this cereal. For example, a bath with oat straw will quickly and reliably cure the beginning cold. The green grass of oats for useful properties is not inferior to grains.

With inflammation of the joints and radicutae, baths are prescribed - 1.5 kg of grass is poured with 5 liters of water, boiled for half an hour and the resulting broth is added to a bath with a water temperature of 38-40 degrees. Herbal tincture is recommended as an active agent for physical and mental fatigue, neurasthenia, sluggish appetite and insomnia, with diabetes, and also to get rid of smoking.


On the healing properties of oats, Hippocrates also pointed out. Infusion or oats decoction is useful not only for exhaustion and weakness. It is also necessary to strengthen the nervous system, heart, lungs, improve blood composition and metabolism.

It is prepared as follows.
Uncleaned and unseated oats are ground in a coffee grinder. Then it is poured into a thermos and poured with boiling water, taking on each glass the last one on a tablespoon of oats.
Insist for 12 hours, then filter and drink instead of tea.