The girl says she loves, and flirts with other guys

Relations between a guy and a girl are built on mutual sympathy. They liked each other, then they fell in love and everything is wonderful for them. The guy admires his companion, gives her flowers, presents, invites you to visit her, she does not like her soul. And she says that she loves him, writes him love SMS, devotes poetry. But, at the same time, he allows himself to flirt with others. And here he begins to doubt the sincerity of her words and feelings. After all, his beloved girl says she loves, and flirts with other guys. He is jealous of her, and jealousy often leads to fraught with consequences, first - scandals, and then to a break in relations. But is it so terrible that this beast called "flirting"?

If you do not know what is meant by flirting, you can perceive the behavior of two flirting people as inadequate. After all, from the side it is noticeable that they show mutual interest, but at the same time they do not say anything about their feelings. And it seems to us that these are just two abnormal people, who are treading in one place - then they sparkly joke, then shower each other with compliments. How many people, how many opinions about flirting exist, but in general, flirting is, so to speak, another kind of communication between two people. This type of communication does not always mean some kind of continuation and leads to a transition to an intimate level, very often it's just a friendly banter.

Each person under flirtation means something different. Everyone has his own point of view on this matter. Here, for example, your girlfriend flirts with other guys. In this there is nothing terrible, of course, if it does not go beyond the bounds of decency. After all, a young lady, flirting, can afford to just build her eyes and smile, and another - much more, behave cheekily and hint at an intimate relationship.

What motivates the girl in the desire to flirt? What is she trying to achieve?

Imagine this situation. You've been seeing your girlfriend for a long time. You go to the movies, cafes, parties to friends and just to visit. Your girl always tries to look 100%. To do this, she makes beautiful hairstyles, makeup, puts on the best outfits, watches her figure, goes to the gym, visits beauty salons. In general, he wants to look the best for you. And all that she hears from you, this meager "look good"! Here she is looking for these beautiful and pleasant words in flirting with other guys. When she hears them, she will satisfy her self-esteem, she will understand that she is still beautiful and has "powder in the flasks". And then will continue to love you, because she really loves you, she just misses your attention, tender words, admiration for her beauty. Dear men, you forgot how to tell girls compliments that are simply vital to us, women. Your loved ones try only for you. Give them kind words, show signs of attention, they will do everything for you, and they will not have to flirt with others.

In general, girls are different, with their quirks and "cockroaches in my head." For example, your girl says that she loves, and flirts with other guys at the same time. And does it even in your presence. It would seem, why would she want this? After all, you tell her compliments, you give time, you fill her with gifts, in general, you fulfill all her whims. What else does she need? What does she lack? Moreover, because of this you are not happy with the scenes of jealousy, you do not break your head against a wall or face to someone, but just quietly puzzled. So that's the essence of the problem! Apparently she does not have enough of your jealousy. And she wants to wake her, that's flirting with other guys. And she has nothing to do with the fact that you are a normal, self-sufficient, confident and trusting young man. She wants a storm of emotions and passions. Well, she likes it. Probably, she is one of those girls who do not like ordinary, tender, sensual relations. She needs to make utensils into rattles, a fist in the face, crying and crying, then she will be happy. But what do you do with this? It is necessary to choose, or a healthy psyche, or a happy girl. Or maybe the same situation, only the girl shows jealousy, to the fact that you allow yourself to flirt with other girls. So she tries to show you how to dislike it when your loved one, whom you love to the point of insanity, flirts with others, although she says she loves. This is not only unpleasant, but it can even be humiliating, because men often do not see the kind of face for which you do not need to step over, and then you get a situation in which there is an excuse "I drank a lot, I'm sorry".

Of course, there are also such girls who simply can not live without flirting. This is for them as a balm for the soul. They do not consider flirting to be something indecent or wrong. They are so used to it. They like to play with guys in this game, and for them flirting is just a game. If they flirt, this does not mean that they are ready to commit treason or are eager to do so. These girls and after marriage allow themselves to flirt with other men. Of course, they do this, like any other girl, also in order to make sure that they still attract men, that they are still young and sexy. Not depending on whether I make them compliments or not, although they naturally need and like them. They enjoy the very process of flirting, and not from the person with whom they flirt. After receiving a dose of attention and complement, they forget that this situation in general was the place to be.

It should be remembered that there is nothing wrong with flirting. Everything depends on the purpose for which it is used. In this way, your girlfriend can easily choose a new guy, well, if your girlfriend is mercantile or has already lost interest in you. In life, everything happens, do not relax, but do not strain it too much. First, talk to her openly and find out the reason for her behavior. Usually this very reason is so simple that there will be no flirtation and a trace.