The most good places to stay abroad

In our article "The best places to relax abroad" we will tell you where you can have a good rest abroad. Choosing a place where you can relax is tiring and long, because you want to spend a good vacation. If you have not decided on the tour, we will help you choose a country, and also reveal the secrets of a budget vacation abroad. The crisis affected all aspects of our life, including rest. According to statistics, 36% of Russians intend to save on travel.

Changed, though routes, expensive tours of Australia and Europe are forgotten, our people are exploring budget routes. All this is fine, because even in your region you can find nice and fantastically beautiful places to relax.

Turkey and Egypt are still popular. Rest in this country with food all inclusive you will be cheaper than in the same hotel in Anapa. In Turkey you can choose a resort "according to your needs".

In Antalya and Alanya, an inexpensive family vacation.
Marmalis is a resort for youth living a night life.

Where you can relax abroad

Kemer and Bodrum - these resorts are aimed at people with a good income level, middle-aged.
When you choose at the end of summer, where to go to Turkey or Egypt, do not forget about the climate if you plan your holiday with children. In August, in Egypt, the temperature reaches 50 degrees. The heat to some extent helps to tolerate a dry climate, but the excursion, for example, to Luxor, can only adults and healthy people.

But if at the end of August you came to Egypt, do not miss the mango season, this fruit in the bazaars is sold "alive" in the form of thick drinks.

Heat in Turkey comes in July, in August it starts to gradually subside. For a holiday in Turkey, the best time is September . The sea temperature is high enough, the heat decreases. After sunset, the sea gives its warmth, therefore in September the September nights remain the most pleasant and warm for walks.

The climate depends on the place. On the west coast, which is open to the northern winds, it is colder than on the south coast. On the Aegean coast, the climate is slightly drier than on the Mediterranean coast, so it will be somewhat easier to transfer heat.

Mountain range from the winds closed the Southern coast, the temperature here often is up to 45 degrees of heat. If you are lucky, you can find burning tours to Egypt and Turkey from $ 200-300 to hotels from 4 to 5 stars.
The opponents of the beach season do not like these countries and in vain. Egyptian pyramids, Troy, Cappadocia, the desert, Sinai, Turkish Istanbul will give you many unforgettable impressions.

Tunisia, Montenegro and Croatia
Montenegro and Tunisia, Croatia, are also popular. Tunisia is the Mediterranean sun, sandy beaches, thalassotherapy and well-known in all Europe spa resorts. The climate here is softer than in Egypt. Close to the capital, "tusovochnye" cities - Hammamet and Sousse. Calm, the small town of Mahdia, with the best beaches in the country, is good for a family holiday.

Holidays for young people abroad

Croatia and Montenegro - this is the best option, who wants to combine their budget vacation, the beach and Europe. You can fly here spontaneously, for the Russians these countries are visa-free. Those vacationers who love sandy beaches and relax with children, they need to choose a resort more carefully.

The shores of Croatia are rocks that have been covered with forest. In the north of Croatia is Istria. It's cooler and drier than the rest of the coast. Istrian beaches are stones and slabs. To the south of Istria is Dalmatia.

In Dalmatia is the famous Makarska Riviera resort. In South Dalmatia, as well as in its capital, many hotels and 4-star, and 5-star.
If you go to the south, then you will go to Becici, there is not very noisy, the beaches are made up of pebbles. The coast between the cities of Bar and Sutomore is considered a budget area. There are many sandy beaches and a lot of cheap housing. Active tourists who choose 3-star hotels are advised by experienced travelers to take "not all inclusive", but only breakfast or "breakfast-dinner".

Because in such hotels food is not worth the money given, and they can not boast of a European service. In cities there are always many cheap restaurants and pleasant cafes.

In Croatia this year the construction of a network of autobahns has ended, therefore any tourist can reach any remote city of the country.

The popularity of Greece is growing, this is a good option for those who want to combine beach holidays and excursions. The favorite place of Russians is the peninsula of Halkidiki, there is a rich history and an excellent climate. Not inferior to this peninsula, Rhodes, Cyprus, Crete, Corfu.

You can fly to Greece by regular flight to Thessaloniki, and to Athens, and then after the tour, you can get a ferry to the islands. There are also regular direct charter flights to Cyprus, Crete and so on.

Cyprus develops such types of recreation, which can be enjoyed for a whole year: excursions to monasteries, wine and gastronomic tours, spa treatments. The pleasant news is a simplified visa procedure, about three days. In Cyprus, a visa is issued for one day and is free of charge.

Spain, Bulgaria and Romania
With the beginning of the crisis, the flow of tourists from the former CIS rushed to Romania and Bulgaria. Bulgaria is an excellent country for a family, a relaxing holiday, there is where to have fun.

The coast of Bulgaria stretches for 400 kilometers. In the north of the country resorts represent built cities on sandy beaches, this is Golden Sands, Rusalka, Albena, mostly hotels here are 3 and 4-star, and 2 and 3-star.

In the south there are large resorts, with any number of stars - Sunny Beach, there are towns where many cheap hotels - Sozopol. Others here and landscapes in which rocky capes alternate with sandy coves.

If you want to save, take a bus tour, it will cost you less than 100 to 150 dollars.

Budget vacation closes Spain, here, in addition to burning tours, the system "Fortune" can be found and interesting cheap ways. You can rent you a mobile home with bedrooms and bathrooms. For four people a week will cost you 970 euros. You can go to Sicily and rent a villa of tourist settlement, for 250 euros per person per week.

This year, many decided, if the crisis, then we'll go "to us."
Traditional recreational facilities for our compatriots, such as Sudak, Sochi, Crimea, Anapa, there also raised prices. But if you choose Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, the managers of the tourist business advise:

1. Going to our resorts, in advance, book hotels and hotels, it will cost you less.

2. Clear sea and low prices in Abkhazia, per person per day in boarding houses cost from 250 rubles. There's nowhere to hang out. This is the place for a measured rest.

But the sea is not everything. Great popularity was gained by hiking, excursions to the Golden Ring. After all, not only on the sea you can swim, people aspire to Altai, Seliger and Leningrad region.

There are also rugged rivers in the Central Russian strip with rapids in the Priozersky district, quiet and calm lakes in the Vsevolozhsk district. There is a sea coast in the Gulf of Finland and old manors among the picturesque parks in the Lomonosov district.

Thailand and Portugal
There were direct flights to the Portuguese company TAP Moscow - Lisbon. The rest in Portugal became more affordable, the prices there are moderate.

You can relax in Thailand. Flight Moscow - Bangkok will cost you from 550 to 570 dollars. There is a comfortable bus from Bangkok to Phuket for $ 30.

If you look, you can find accommodation in 3 or 4-stars, a double room per day you will cost $ 30. If you calculate, then the rest in Thailand will cost you around $ 1000.

Now we know which are the best places to relax abroad, you can choose the country you would like to go to, and also save on travel.