Trip to the ancient city of Malin

The first mention of Malina dates back to 891! Historians suggest that the city on its way from Dreslavnyi Istokotenya (now Korostenya) to Kiev was named in honor of Prince Mal - the very one who flatly refused to pay tribute to Igor, and after that he dared to woo Princess Olga. Ahead of us was a trip to the ancient city of Malin. And for the ambassadors of the impudent Drevlyanina, and for Iskorosten, the matter ended tragically. And Malin survived, survived the Tatar-Mongol invasion and in 1445 was, again mentioned in the annals, this time Lithuanian. From ancient times in the city there was only a fortified settlement. And with later monuments is sparse. However, there is a kind of naughty charm in Malina. In 1873 he was appreciated by St. Petersburg's Catherine Miklukha. Fulfilling the will of her deceased husband, the mother of five children bought a small estate here. They say that an extensive park with several ponds, the one that is in the center of the city, planted on her orders.

Under the roof of his house ...
Nikolai Nikolayevich Miklouho-Maklai - an outstanding traveler, anthropologist, ethnographer, physician, linguist, biologist and geographer, whose scientific works remain relevant to this day - not only lived and worked in Malin, but also appreciated this city, with pleasure traveled the surroundings Raspberry, interested in ancient legends and folklore, here is the grave of his mother.
The love of Nikolai Nikolaevich to the Ukrainian city is quite natural.
Maclay settled in our places, and his descendant - ataman of Zaporizhzhya Sich Okhrim Makukha in 1772 showed remarkable heroism in the capture of Ochakov, for which hereditary noble rank. The surname for euphoniousness had to be changed. However, the newly-born nobles remembered their roots well. Uncle Nikolai Nikolayevich was friends with Nikolai Gogol - they say that it was on the basis of his stories that the story of "Taras Bulba" was born. It is curious that in Miklouho-Maclay he carried with him to travel the image of the main hero of the Gogol's story, claiming that it was his ancestor. Fate threw the family Miklukh in Russia, but his father always dreamed of returning to the edge of the viburnum and sunflowers. It was in Malin that the noblemen of Miklukhi found their home.

The only one in Europe
The merits of Nikolai Miklukho-Maklai are highly appreciated by the world science, his birthday is celebrated on the planet as a world day of ethnography. It was he, a humanist scholar who was fluent in seventeen languages, was the first to raise his voice against racial discrimination and persistently defended his point of view in one hundred and sixty scientific works. It is significant that the first volume of his famous "Travels" Nikolai Nikolayevich wrote and edited in Malin. The tireless traveler lived a very short - less than 42 years - but incredibly vibrant life: New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Philippines ... In 1886 he returned from Australia, where he spent almost three years (there still live and work his descendants!) In Russia, but two years later he died. In distant Sydney, a monument to a descendant of the Zaporozhye Cossack and an outstanding Russian scientist with world merit is established. The second (and only in Europe) monument Miklouho-Maclay stands in the center of a small town of Malin in Zhytomyr region. On the pedestal, only the name and date of life. Alas, the house of the scientist did not live up to our days. However, in the center of the city trees are still noisy, planted by his mother.

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How to get there? From Kiev to Malina can be reached by minibus (about an hour drive) or from the railway station by electric train.
The museum. In the technical school of forestry there is a hall with a small exposition dedicated to the outstanding compatriot Nikolai Miklukho-Maklai.
Visit this wonderful city and believe me, you will be satisfied! To go to the ancient city of Malin is not difficult, and there will be a lot of pleasant emotions from the trip.