Ultrasonic non-surgical liposuction - the secrets of health

Liposuction is one of the methods of losing weight, which is associated with the removal of excess subcutaneous fat. Liposuction allows in one procedure to remove from five to six liters of fat, this procedure leaves intradermal scars, which further prevent the appearance of fat mass. The procedure for non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction, unlike the above, is usually carried out in particularly problem areas of the figure, which "warp" the woman's face.

However, liposuction and the procedure for non-surgical ultrasound liposuction are not performed by very full people, since a number of physical activities, an individual diet, are required to effectively lose weight, which should be prescribed by the attending physician. Liposuction is generally needed by people who need body shape correction.

There are in practice two kinds of liposuction, namely, ultrasonic and vacuum. Ultrasonic liposuction occurs through the action of ultrasonic waves, as a result of which fat cells turn into a substance of a liquid consistency, later this mass can be aspirated by the traditional method, through small punctures on the skin. Also in this form of liposuction, the non-invasive method is used, thanks to which the fat mass leaves through the lymphatic and venous system. Vacuum liposuction occurs by exposure to low atmospheric pressure as a result of which fat is sifted through small incisions in the skin.

If a person has a normal weight, a good elastic skin, but there are pronounced fat compartments at the waist, abdomen, legs or thighs, then liposuction will be effective. In the case of "flabby" skin, you can remove it surgically.

Before the procedure of liposuction, the doctor necessarily examines the figure of the patient, identifying the most problematic places. The time of the procedure, the type of anesthesia (local or general) depends on the amount of fat that is to be removed.

As a rule, in the procedure of ultrasonic liposuction, it is possible to remove a large amount of fat emulsion, the fat is removed evenly, there are no pits and scars left. In carrying out such a mini-operation, basically minimal blood loss in patients.

I would like to mention non-invasive ultrasound liposuction, which, due to the removal of fat cells by a painless route, does not leave any negative consequences on the patient's body. To get a more positive result from the liposuction procedure, doctors recommend massage sessions that should be performed within a month. Additionally, in order to prevent the further appearance of fat cells, patients who have been treated, it is recommended to follow a diet, exercise a complex of physical loads ,. After the procedure for complete removal of damaged fat mass, the reappearance of fat cells on the same part of the body is eliminated, but with repeated rapid increase in weight, fat deposits can be deposited in other parts of the body, which can lead to deformation of the figure.

Contraindications for carrying out ultrasonic liposuction are: pregnancy, lactation in women, not reaching a special eighteen years old, chronic and acute diseases, skin diseases, cuts, abrasions and scars at the site of the alleged operation, obesity, impaired immunity, diabetes, infectious diseases.

Remember the secret of health: non-surgical ultrasound liposuction is not used for weight loss purposes, it is intended for body correction.