A jealous guy to his girlfriend ...

It happens that there is another dear woman in the life of a loved one. And this is not a sister or a mother, it's a friend. It takes a lot of space in his life, so it makes you jealous. But is it worth it to be jealous or should one struggle with one's feelings? We will talk about this.

Onvas does not introduce

You know that a guy has a girlfriend, with whom he often communicates and sees, that's just for some reason he does not want to introduce you. Uncle is always a hundred excuses, why you can not get together. If you manage to make an appointment, then it happens that there is always force majeure, because of which everything breaks down. In that case, it really is not surprising that you are jealous of your young man. After all, the way he hides his girlfriend tightly, can cause serious suspicions. You need to try again seriously to talk with a match. It may be that this girl simply has tastes and habits that are very different from yours and the guy is simply afraid that you will not take it. Perhaps you are a very intelligent and calm person, and his girlfriend swears like a servant, drinks vodka in liters and does not get drunk, and in general, according to your standards, is behaving terribly. In this case, it is not surprising that he does not want to introduce you, so that later it turns out that two people close to him will simply hate each other, and he is between two fires. Therefore, explain the guy that whatever his girlfriend is, you will perceive her normally and nothing terrible during and after dating will not happen. Just a man does not understand that you just want to make sure that she is not your rival.

If the guy still does not want to introduce you, before you ask the question, you can try to come out yourself by this girl on a contact. Just do not initially treat it negatively and say something. You need to establish normal contact and see how the girl will react. If she is really a true friend, she will immediately understand the problem and her behavior and answers will help you understand that there is nothing to worry about and their friendship is only friendship. But when a lady begins to openly reproach, and even more so sparks negative in your direction - to sound an alarm. Serious talk to the young man and explain to him that his behavior is not normal. Therefore, either he introduces you and all together, or he will have to choose: you or she.

Unih more common interests

Your guy spends quite a lot of time spodrugoy, constantly says that they again discussed a new game or discarded on the theme of World War II. And you know that he will not talk about it with you, because you are not interested. And gradually, you start eating away, because if your boyfriend is interested in her, but you are not, then maybe someday he will change you for it. In this case, do not succumb to negative emotions. There is nothing terrible and bad in the fact that your man is talking about something to a friend, and with you it does not discuss. Everyone wants to have friends of interest. But he chooses a favorite person by other criteria. Besides, if he was friends with her before meeting you or met, already when you met, but still chose you, not her, that means, as if it were not interesting, it does not cause any feelings other than friendly. So do not think of problems where they really do not exist. Agree, witches you have topics that you discuss with your friends and friends, but do not talk about this guy, because he's just not interested. Therefore, instead of spending energy on jealousy, it is better to ask what the guy is attracted to. Just do not have to force yourself. If you really do not need it, then continue your hobbies. But if you do not want to know his world from the principle, then you still need to open the door to it. Perhaps you will find a lot of interesting things and soon you will be able to discuss everything with him and his girlfriend.

More beautiful than I am

Women's complexes always make us consider ourselves to be more than we really are and to devise a whole bunch of problems. Therefore, instead of being jealous and thinking about the fact that the guy is friendly with the beautiful, it is better to remember the following: each person has his own standards of beauty. If the girl seems beautiful to you, it does not mean that she is so in his eyes. One likes thin and tall, others - plump and low, others like that the girl looked like a teenager. Remember yourself how your friends and friends of the same sex are discussing the girls. Very rarely happens so that all agree on the same opinion. Often, everyone sees his ideal. And, by the way, not always we choose those whom we consider ideal. I think you have been like that: you dream of a blue-eyed blonde, and you meet with a brown-eyed brunette. On appearance only at the first moment and choose only teenagers who do not understand anything in the relationship at all. Therefore, if a man chooses a name, then in you he sees the beauty that pleases his eye. And whatever kind of photomodel you did not consider his girlfriend, he only has friendly feelings for her.

True, there may be a situation where you begin to notice that your boyfriend in a friend sees not only a friend. Only before you draw conclusions, try to soberly assess the situation, to be sure that it really is, because jealousy, like fear, eyes are great. And if you really believe that your boyfriend has sympathy for his handsome friend, then you should seriously talk with him. Just do not need to roll up scandals and make hysterics. If he is in love with a friend, then there will not be any help screaming. It remains only to let go. Remember that you can not order your heart, and if he did not cheat on you and did not do anything reprehensible, then no one has the right to judge a person for feelings. All of us are mistaken. And in case there was a betrayal, you need to immediately go from such a person, since you never need to be near someone who does not respect both a woman and as a person. A betrayal, this is, first of all, the manifestation of disrespect.

Everyone in love wants a loved one to belong to him alone. But we still need to understand that each of us needs at least some freedom of communication, which does not consist of one person. Couples who constantly spend time together and only two are not normal. People need at least a little rest from each other, otherwise they will simply get tired of the one they love. Therefore, if you do not see the obvious reasons for jealousy, try to treat your friend's friendship with understanding. After all, everyone in life should not only be a loved one, but also a true loyal friend, no matter whether it's a man or a woman.