What should I take to the hospital for a newborn?

The question of what things to take to the maternity home, usually very much worries about women who give birth for the first time. Ask what you need to take to the hospital for the newborn and for you. In some maternity hospitals, the list of necessary things can be very large, and in some - forbid to take with you many things.

Clarify the list can be not only in the maternity home, but also with mothers who recently discharged. They can give the most valuable advice on what they needed.

Take care of all the necessary things better in advance, for 2-3 weeks before delivery. Tell your husband and relatives about what you take with you, and what they can bring later. All the things are arranged in packages: a package of things for yourself in the hospital, things for an extract, things for the newborn. It is better to take such packages that do not rustle. In the maternity hospital you take documents with you, things for yourself that will be needed during and after childbirth, things for the baby that are necessary for him in the hospital and on the discharge. Let us dwell in more detail on what should be taken to the hospital for a newborn.

In the maternity hospital a child will need diapers. Now in maternity hospitals they prefer to use diapers, rather than cloth diapers. The size of the diaper depends on the weight of the child and his sex. Take a few diapers to start, 5 pieces Newborn for kids weighing 2 kg. It should be borne in mind that the tender skin of a newborn can react poorly to the material from which the diaper is made. Therefore, try to choose high-quality, hypoallergenic materials.

If the baby swaddles, you need to take 5 thin and 5 thick flannel diapers. Pick-up, take 3 pieces of thin and thick. In many maternity homes swaddling is no longer done, but diapers can come in handy to make a changing table and place where the baby will sleep. To do this, enough 2-3 simple diapers.

If you are not going to swaddle the baby, take the sliders, 6 pieces. Many mothers note that "little men" were more convenient for them in the hospital than sliders. You will need more socks for the baby, 2 pairs, one thin and one flannel cap. Usually the caps on the child are worn at once both, first thin, then warm. The cap for this is not very convenient. It is most convenient to first put on the baby a cloth scarf, and on it - a warm, for the season, a hat. Pull the socks with cotton, for woolen pints, the time will come later.

You may also need to scratch, small mittens, which are put on the baby's hand so that he does not scratch himself. If you are going to stay in the hospital for a long time, you can come in handy scissors with blunt ends. They will cut your baby's nails.

All things for the baby take a size of 56-62. Clothing should be pre-washed and ironed, especially if you prefer to buy new things. By the way, for the first days of the child it is better to sew the pajamas from old sheets, such clothes are softer and more pleasant for the baby.

Of course, if the birth is normal, you will not stay in the hospital for a long time. Do not take too many things. Another thing is if the baby was born weak, and he is not in a hurry to write. Most likely, in this case you will have to negotiate with someone from your relatives so that they bring additional things.

For hygienic procedures wet wipes can be useful, it is very convenient to change the diaper. Still, take the cotton buds, baby cream and powder, liquid baby soap with a dispenser (it is much more convenient than the usual hard). Everything depends, of course, on the maternity home, to which you will fall. It is more likely that the hygiene of the baby will be handled by nurses, who already have everything. But sometimes it's better to hedge. Hygienic supplies for the baby do not take up much space.

On the discharge the baby needs "dress" clothes. Usually on sale there are special sets with clothes on an extract. When you go home, it is more convenient that the baby has a diaper, and not a gauze diaper. Consider the weather that is on the street. In the winter and summer time, the baby is dressed differently on the statement. You can swaddle a child, and you can dress him.

If the baby is swaddled, a thin and warm undergarment is put on him, and then wrapped with a thin and warm diaper.

You can dress a baby with a light warm overalls, under which there should be a cotton beacon. On legs or foots put on socks.

The child is wrapped in a blanket, depending on the weather, warm or thin, and a beautiful corner or envelope. Corners are also warm and thin. Bandaged with a pink or blue ribbon. It needs about 3 meters.

If you do not want to wrap the child in a blanket, you can put on a warm blouse, panties and woolen booties (over simple socks) on top of the overalls.

Just in case, keep a napkin or a handkerchief next to it.

Care for things that the child needs to discharge is better left to the grandmothers. They usually do it with great pleasure. These things are not necessary to take in the maternity ward at once, they can be brought later, along with elegant clothes for you.