What to do to make a man love stronger

Everyone wants to love and be loved. And let the feminists say a thousand times that they do not need men, at heart, every woman dreams of being necessary, desired, the best and the most amazing for the one. Yes, it's so trivial and simple, probably, it's so out of date. But after all, all women were once little girls, who were brought up in fairy tales about princes. Those most amazingly strong, kind and understanding handsome men who can love you once and for the whole life, even once without seeing it. Of course, life is a pragmatic thing. It will never be so light and fabulous, and among modern men it is hardly possible to meet the prince. Of course, somewhere all-these unique specimens remain, but they are so rare in our latitudes, like pandas and saber-toothed tigers. Modern men do not think about romance. They became cynical and pragmatic. That's why, more and more often girls are asking themselves: what to do to make a man love stronger?

As it is not bitter to admit, but modern guys have to keep. There are too many temptations in our world, and they, our men, are so prone to bright wrappers that you will not have time to blink an eye, as it is already not around. That is why, in order to keep the person you love (and you love him, because nobody will not be bothered for the unloved and unnecessary) in all your actions and actions, you must somehow address their primitive instinct.

Every man in the soul is a hunter. And a woman for him, this is the same roe, for which he was chasing mountains and dales thousands and thousands of years ago. And as soon as he caught up with her, as soon as she gave up, at the same time, interest disappeared. So with women. I did not have time to open it, trust it, that's all. He is bored, monotonous, and he is already looking for a new roe deer. So what to do to make a man love stronger - he is interested in our readers

That is why, the first unwritten rule says: never open before your beloved completely. You do not need to tell him your whole biography, notify about each step, retell all conversations by phone. Of course, this does not mean that you should play secret agents, hide with a mobile phone in the bathroom and answer all the questions with a mysterious silence. Just in everything you need to know the measure.

Sometimes it is worth not mentioning any details, do not start first to tell you what happened to you in a day. Yes, and the tube, by the way, you can also not take it. Sometimes. Light pricks of jealousy do not interfere. Your beloved should trust you. But at the same time, do not be completely and absolutely sure that you will forever and that it will not change anything.

This is the rule number two: do not give it completely. You do not have to repeat every day that it is your life, air, food and water. Do not need to convince a loved one that you will fulfill any request. Even to the detriment of himself. If you made it clear that without it you simply do not exist, if you disappeared into it, thereby losing your identity, then you just became its thing. And even your favorite things are still boring. And when he plays you, it's too late to cry and ask: what to do to make a man love more. Because love has long been gone.

By the way, about love and its expression. This question can be attributed to rule three. Do not need to get the guy questions: "Do you love me?", "Tell me why do you so rarely talk about love?", "I do not need you?", Etc. Men's psychology is absolutely different from the female. Guys confirm their feelings more by actions than by words. That's why, they just do not understand why to say when everything is obvious. And your obtrusiveness simply makes them angry.

And we turn to rule four: do not impose. Do not impose love, do not impose an opinion, do not impose custody. Especially guardianship. You worry whether he is warmly dressed, whether he ate well, order a taxi, so that he would get from the party he was with his friends. Do you know who you are? You are Mom. Do you really need a big-age child who will be capricious, arrange scenes and manipulate you, knowing that you will forgive him in any case? Of course not.

You must be a princess, which he protects, about which he worries and which he is afraid to lose. Remember: he worries about his beloved person, and to patronize him are completely different things. In everything there should be a golden mean. The one that we talk about in rule five: restraint. All your emotions should be like the sea in good weather, when a light breeze drives small waves to the shore. And if these waves turn into the ninth shaft - sound the alarm. Because your man is already beating her in all the bells. Guys do not stand up and are afraid of excessive expression of emotions. Whether it's love, joy, resentment or tears. Be wiser. Want to roll the hysterics - you better leave the room, walk, do anything to make the emotions go away. Men are more worried because of the calm, cold calm. But your cries are annoying and help to turn everything upside down. Remember yourself how many such scandals began with the fact that he was the guilty one, and in the end, you were already guilty. So draw conclusions.

And just be a real lady. The woman who advises, but does not point out, helps, but does not squeeze, loves, but does not strangle with her love.

Your hunter must know that the roe deer can disappear behind the tree. No, she does not plan to do this, and does not frighten him. But she can. Because she is a strong and free woman. She can move up life, she has the strengths and talents to achieve much. And she will never be lost if she turns out to be alone. But at the same time, he must feel that you need his support and understanding, ready to make compromises and solve problems. But you will never become a thoughtless puppet in his hands.

Real men love only real women. And if you want that love is not quenched, always remain a wise queen. After all, a woman is, first of all, wisdom. So be wise in all situations, and then you will never have to suffer.