What will our things say about us

Things about us can "tell" a lot of good and bad! Look narrowly at things and you will learn a lot about their owners! It is not without reason that the proverb says: "They meet people by their clothes, they see off on their minds!"

Earrings and rules of good taste

Now in fashion earrings are elongated. In European culture, they have always been considered an evening gown. And if a woman appears in such earrings to work, the boss can decide that she is set up to flirt, and not to the point. The dress code of serious firms does not allow earrings longer than two centimeters! Yes, and a woman with a good taste will not afford to wear an evening toilet accessories. In general, a woman who wears earrings or clips says this: "I'm an intelligent and thinking creature that treats life carefully and does not take hasty decisions."


Oh, she's very, very talkative and can tell more about the landlady than she would like ...

The bigger the bag - the more problems the woman wears. Fatally worried women go around every day with bags of the size of a suit or suitcase - they just need to carry almost half of their property with them. And the less the lady's problems, the smaller her handbag. Ideally, this miniature clutch, where there is enough space only for credit cards and lipsticks. Such a woman thinks only about herself and about the joys of life - why should she burden herself with ballast problems?

Among women there are maniacal collectors of bags. This passion has an interesting explanation. The bag, according to psychologists, symbolizes the woman's vagina, and the more the lady of bags has, the more she is worried about her sexuality, presence or lack of satisfaction. The most urgent issue in her life is how to fill this bag.

White color in the European culture symbolizes the beginning of the iniquity - this is evidenced by the tradition of white wedding dresses. Selecting this color for her wardrobe, the woman unconsciously declares that she is ready for a new stage of her life, she wants to start with a white "clean slate". White with black is a very contrasting combination. And the woman who dreams to stand out prefers graphic black and white images.

If the drawings are large and well-marked - a woman is ready to work with complete devotion only when it is seen and others can appreciate it. At the same time, deliberately geometric patterns, for example, a large cell, give out a person, who finds it difficult to concentrate on something and who often fails to fulfill the promised. A fashionable now black and white stripes is chosen by a woman who is easy to take to life and not afraid of change. But fine geometric patterns are usually preferred by responsible and reliable people who pay attention to details, stand out by logical thinking and on which you can rely on.


It's not for nothing that secret agents in the cinema go in black glasses. Ladies, who almost never take off this accessory, are constantly watching everything to gather as much information as possible, which can then be used for their own good. And the size and shape of sunglasses do not matter. If a woman raises her sunglasses up, on her hair, and wears them like a crown on her head, she wants to be significant and look like a queen. (Soldiers sunglasses of the most chic brands just can not stand such a manner, it spoils the arches of expensive glasses.)

By the way, the same applies to hats - women try to emphasize their superiority. And if the lady is small, the hat will make her higher and give her self-confidence.


Make-up specialists, when making professional make-up, usually offer a woman to choose what to emphasize - eyes or lips.

For those who want to distinguish their eyes, it is important to reveal their inner beauty, emotionality, and soul. But with an emphasis on the lips, the woman wants to emphasize her sexuality.

Moreover, bright red lipstick, she involuntarily betrays her own way and does not cause the passion of the desired man. To decorate yourself has always been a testament of femininity. If a woman does not decorate herself and does not use the hymn, she obviously suffers from internal discomfort, depression, low self-esteem.

But as the icon of Coco Chanel's style used to say, "Start in cares about your beauty from the heart and soul, otherwise no make-up will help."

What do the rings mean?

Every finger of the hand has its own meaning. Engagement rings are always worn on the nameless. The little finger symbolizes the desire for free-thinking and ambitious adventures. The ring on the female little finger is a sign of pronounced sexuality, only such a woman has not yet realized what she wants and with whom. The ring on the little finger of a married woman means that the lady is not averse to getting a treat and a new experience without the participation of the spouse.

The middle finger is self-sufficient, it is longer than the others and is found occasionally. A woman with a ring on it is confident in herself and knows what she wants to do in life. By the way, if you want to try something new, but do not risk, put the ring on your middle finger - maybe then it will be easier to do.

Symbolism of ornaments

It is not so difficult to interpret. The motives of nature, fruits, leaves and flowers are chosen by romantic and passive dreamers. Geometric shapes with sharp angles mean that the mistress of these ornaments suffers from internal disharmony.

Ornaments of round or oval shape (for example, barrettes or scraps) indicate a peace-loving character, the ability to evade conflicts, the ability to communicate without problems, openness, goodwill, and the desire to take care of others.

But if the lady is round-spherical, rather than flat decorations (for example, a pendant) - it seems that we are dealing with a bias in selfishness.

A ring on her index finger emphasizes her authority. You can try this technique if you want your husband and colleagues to share your point of view.

Since the thumb is important, when you need to grab, the ring symbolizes the desire to hold something and not miss it.

Many small rings on all the fingers of the one who thinks of himself as a little girl, who wants to spend all his life in a passive, hiding behind the broad back of a man-father.

But a huge ring or with a large stone says an offspring nature and a tendency to external effects. A few large rings are an hysteroid side in all its glory.