Whether we are approaching each other

Sometimes harmony in intimate relationships hinders ... the difference in attitude . For the first time, dating days, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to understand whether you coincide with a partner or not. This can only become clear after months, or even in the course of living together.
The bulkhead went out
Sometimes it seems that all his thoughts are only about one thing: he is always ready and expects the same from you. And you do not want to ... Once or twice you invent new reasons for refusal. But try to answer honestly to yourself: what is the reason? Perhaps sex has become a tool for manipulating or punishing her husband: behaving badly - stay without "sweet"? But from such a "diet", love grows thin by leaps and bounds, and you risk being left alone with your whims. Or maybe you do not get the pleasure from sex? Or is it all about fatigue? Your actions. Anyway, if you remain indifferent, take offense or consider the flowers on the wallpaper - orgasm is not exactly reached, and "ohami-ahami" favorite can not be fooled. It is worthwhile to actively engage in the process - and the chances will increase.

Do not be shy! Frankly tell the partner what exactly excites you and gets you started. Believe me, he may not know what to do to please you. Suggest to play the game "Mistress and slave of her whims": let him fulfill all your desires ... Try to wake up sexuality through erotic literature and films. Identify your erogenous zones and direct the partner's actions to their stimulation.
Maybe you just need to free up time and energy for sex, start a housekeeper or nanny for a child. This, take away part of the budget, but will add joy to the bed.

Large-scale shortage
The situation when "little" to you, is more complicated: a woman is traditionally considered a passive party. But are you sure that you really do not have enough sex? Do not you think that passion in bed is evidence of the fervor of his feelings and your beauty? If so, pay attention to other aspects of the relationship and figure it out in yourself, do not you ask too much. If it's sex ... Your actions. It will have to be slightly "spurred on".
Remember: for active activities in bed, a man must have enough strength. Go to the ski resort, play paintball, go to the musical - charge it with energy.
Include in your arsenal of erotic massage, games for undressing, petting, fun with toys from the sex shop. Tempt! But do not overdo it! When sex becomes an obsession for a woman, a man reacts backward.

Hot days
Sexual activity changes with age. The man is the most "hot" is the period from 22 to 27 years, and then his desires and opportunities are gradually reduced. The woman is the opposite. At 30-35, her sexuality only blossoms, and needs get higher every year. The peak of marital infidelity falls on 35-40 years mainly for this reason. The husband is looking for new connections on the side, wishing to "spur on" himself in the hope of reviving the old passion and feeling younger. A wife (if her partner is the same age) and so "not enough", but he still spends on someone's strength ...

The biological clock of a person, controlling sleep and wakefulness, regulates and its sexual rhythms - from the development of hormones to sexual attraction. So watch your partner for 8-10 weeks: the time when he is most active, is the most suitable for making love. And do not demand from him a violent passion during the recession, it does not make sense.
In order to feel charged throughout the day, make love to a young man in the morning. In the morning, sex is more sensitive, and it charges all partners for the whole day.