Why do girls choose "older men"?

Often, ordinary people can not understand why a woman chooses a "older man" when they see a couple, where she looks about 20 years old, and he is already over 50. At the sight of such men, no one is surprised that they are attracted to young beauties, but why young girls pay attention to mature uncles, understand not all. Why do young ladies repel peers, but prefer adult men?

Theory of the first - physiological

This theory is the most primitive and simple. If you look at it from a physical point of view, then by the logic of things women, on the contrary, should attract beautiful young guys with good health and strong bodies who will be strong, brave, energetic, mobile and so on. But if you recall the manuals on the peculiarities of the puberty period, then you can say that there the Russian language says that the girls develop a year before the boys. However, if you read the information to the end, you can see that then the boys quickly get their minds, catch up with girls by the end of grade 11 ahead of them in development. Perhaps the girls continue to feel superior to boys of their age?

Why do girls like men over

Theory of the Second - Freudian

Remember the theory of Freud, which is called "Edipovkompleks"? The essence of this theory is that every guy is looking for his companion, that is, the girl should look like her mother-in-law, as well prepare the vareniki and just take care of the "little son". Some psychologists confirm that there is another complex - the "Electra complex". According to him, every girl is looking for a man who looks like her father. Each woman is compared to her father. A guy should have the same character, habits or appearance as his father-in-law. For example, some young ladies just baldeut when they hear from a man the same smell of cologne, like her dad or when he smokes like a cigar, like her father. There is another interpretation of the Elektra complex, in which it is said that the satellite should replace the girl's father. Especially it is practiced when the girl was brought up only by the mother.

Theory - the general

Everyone knows that in order to become a general's wife, you must first marry a soldier. However, not every lady wants to wait and count the stars on the shoulders of the chosen one. It is much easier and faster to charm the general at once! Therefore, the girls and are looking for a man who has already achieved something and has all the material blessings for his soul, and therefore will be able to provide his beloved with a good life. However, there is another option. Many women think not only about what they will eat, but also their children. If you can be nice with a sweetheart, then the children need something more serious. Moreover, no girl has any guarantees that the soldier will someday become a general.

Theory of the Fourth - topical

Everyone understands perfectly well that a man who has lived to see certain years, first of all, is a man! Secondly, it is a wise, experienced, intelligent person. So, it's a very interesting, with it there is something to talk about, you can ask advice and rely on everything. Moreover, men of age are one hundred percent personalities who have already formed. If a man before you was married 6 times, then for sure, you will not become his last wife. If he has already been drinking for twenty years, then you will not change him. If your companion has been trying to achieve something, struggled for something, was ambitious, and suddenly one of these days he was appointed president of the company, then you can have no doubt that this is the infidelity of his career ladder. A little more and your children will have a father-president of the company. But with young guys all is not so simple, you need to change your mind, if he will not change you in five or ten years, he was able to achieve something. Moreover, many guys do not have enough experience in dealing with women, it is not even the sexual side of the relationship that is meant. In the youth there is no worldly wisdom, so they can not explain anything at all, they do not know how to say this or that thing. Of course, nature has awarded both the mind and the wit of some guys, but, unfortunately, and very little ...

Theory of the fifth is a relative

Who are actually "older men"? What should be the standard for dividing all men into young and mature? Typically, you need to compare the age of the partners. His age should be the relative age of the girl. Many believe that the best difference between the satellites is 5-7 years, provided that it is older. The allowable difference is more than 10 years. However, in our time the normal marriages of 70-year-old women with 19-year-olds are considered to be normal. Of course, it surprises! But what can you do about it? They decided so, and they are entitled to it!

So, let's sum up, why do women choose adult men?

  1. A mature man is a man who has worn out his life, he has a certain property that a woman is not required to make for several years with excessive labor or wait for several decades until everything appears. No need to think about the perspective oni not. After all, everything is already visible. Surely he has a good job, a status in society, a position or just a stable good income.
  2. An adult male is a person. He's smart and experienced. It will be more interesting with him than with the youngparents, who still have a "wind" in their heads. Guys do not think that they need to build a family, but girls want it most.
  3. Often girls in "daddies" attract money. According to statistics, poor girls are rarely chosen. Such a man does not deny himself anything in anything, but for a young lady he can arrange a paradise on earth. It's fine to be young and to be in many countries, try many different things, buy branded clothes and ride on a good expensive car. At the same time, you do not need to wait for anything, you will be given this on a silver platter. So a woman can live one day without thinking about what will happen to her tomorrow.
  4. He had a lot of life in his life, so he knows how to behave properly, where to concede, and where to show the character. He is more patient, which means he will forgive and tolerate your young pretensions and whims. He will calmly refer to your "scenes" and hysterics. It will be a simple and quiet life.
  5. As a rule, he already has the necessary acquaintances and connections. If desired, he can help you build your creativity, career, or solve a difficult problem.
  6. Many women believe that such men will always be proud and admire their youth and beauty. He will not change it, because a young fairy is waiting for him at home and it is important for him that she be with him. He will seem that only she is attractive, worthy and beautiful in comparison with others. However, it must be remembered that there are such "Casanova", which will easily find another girl, it is only to beckon the finger.
  7. It is not necessary to think that in old age men have some problems with spotting. Many men can give odds to any kid. Often, girls look at non-poor men, and they try to keep themselves in shape and take care of their health and appearance. Therefore, they have no problems with sexual life either. In addition, many ladies want to "try" in bed is an experienced man, to make the intimate life more diverse and interesting.
  8. With so little you can always be a child, whom he will pamper and solve all problems. Thanks to his wise mind and strong shoulder, you will always be safe.

Despite all the advantages, I advise the girl to look at the shortcomings of this choice:

You decide. Be careful when choosing. And in general, the most important thing is the presence of feelings, respect and love. And age ... Age is just a little ink in the passport ... Is not it?