With what to wear a light cardigan

Cardigan is not in vain called the most universal part of the women's wardrobe. Any fashionista, correctly combining it with a certain clothing, will look elegant and stylish almost all year round. Therefore, the reason why he should be present at any young lady, is clear. This season has widely provided a choice among the fashion collections of already well-known brands. But with what to wear an easy cardigan, does not know much of the female half.

A stylish, to that and a beautiful cardigan - not a regular whim of seasonal fashion. He is just an indicator of an excellent taste. Universality, most likely, is the main plus, enclosed in it. Such a jacket will help, how to diversify the image, and hide the existing shortcomings of the figure. To wear an easy cardigan, involves knowing himself, the ability to imagine what he is doing. An understanding of the brands offered in the new season will also be important.

What is a cardigan. Knitted, knitted, light cardigan with different buttons is what this thing represents. Visible features - and not a small V-neck, and the lack of a collar, and a fitted silhouette, as well as the presence of pockets in them. Do not immediately confuse it with a jumper. He represents a cardigan model, but without buttons. Initially, this kind of wardrobe was in the men's wardrobe because of the lack of a collar in it. English soldiers put it on form. His popularity is due to the subject of the wardrobe - a cardigan, directly associated with Coco Chanel. Koko also created one of the first styles of a cardigan, which has a free silhouette, both with wide armholes and not small patch pockets. Modern things, like cardigans, are widely claimed by the collections of many popular brands, and each of them tries to give a significant role to simple models, but with something new and unusual.

The Cardigan 2012 . To wear a cardigan without knowing the latest emerging trends is difficult. A lot of various models, both styles and directions were presented on the autumn-winter track in the 2011-2012 season. Designers suggested not to sew buttons on them, and this became the main distinctive feature. Non-fitting models of natural matter in combination with a narrow belt - the exact direction of the coming winter. Knitted jackets with cardigans can refer to other styles, but they will be more preferable with bulk viscous. Pick it up to clothes from simple matter. To complement the image better with fashion accessories. Many stylists decorated their styles with certain decor elements, as well as with non-standard cuts, as well as with various draperies, which can indicate their fashion direction.

The length of them can be different: both shortened options, and cardigans, "resting on the floor," more resembling the look of a coat. The length of the sleeve is not unique. Stand out short, long, or three quarters. Individual preferences dictate the choice, as well as its purpose. As for the color, the virgin blue, then the yellow with the turquoise, and also the milky with the cherry hues became the winter prerogatives. Do not write off and classical colors - shades of black, white and gray.

With what to wear? Cardigan can be worn with anything, as well as at any time. A universal thing, in comparison with it, is hard to find. With his help, the available outfit will take both a laid-back and calm appearance. So universal make it all kinds of shapes with textures, designs, that it can be dressed without hindrance, not only in summer, but also in winter. It is only necessary to change the light to a warm cardigan. Then the cold will not take you by surprise.

1. Almost daily cardigan can be worn and in a free style, either with a T-shirt, or a T-shirt, and also with shorts even with jeans. A bright cardigan, put on top of a light T-shirt, or vice versa, combining a dull shirt with a knitted garment, but a neutral shade, will be the very thing. For fantasy, in such a case, a good space opens up.

2. To the dress, both in the spring and in the summer, such a blouse will take a good place to add. The sweater, both black and white, for example, does not badly complement the dress with not long sleeves, or a sarafan. Both the dense and delicate fabric of the cardigan will provide the girl with warmth in cool weather.

3. Fashion from not dense cotton, or flax can be taken in the category of beachwear. Pick up a jacket, most importantly, in a tone to the available swimsuit. Both the length of the cardigan and the length of the sleeve can not make a difference, the greater the length.

4. Cardigan with viscous - an excellent alternative to the usual jacket. Both to work and to the office it is not bad at all. Emerald-green colors, for example, a cardigan fits well with not light pants, but not a dark blouse. An interesting belt, located over the jacket, will complement the whole image well. It is in itself, although very universal. A wide belt of the same shade with a jacket, or a dressed thin belt of bright contrasting colors will perfectly fit into a unique image ..

5. Combine a similar jacket with both top and bottom of a similar shade, it is completely permissible. You can wear, for example, together a jacket with a shirt of similar colors and with a light, and a dark skirt, to create a calm image. Color combination will help create a more elegant image of a pencil skirt, which is not bad for office life.

6. Not a short style of tight knitting, most likely, it is better to wear together with a shirt, but with leggings. Such long cardigans of dense, but large mating will warm well in not warm winter weather. Fashion accessories, like wide belts, or stylish scarves can be picked up in addition to them.

7. In the warm weather, people who are always cold, the stylists advise to take a cardigan with classic colors. They also consist of white with black, or blue, for example, a turtleneck of a dull, fashionable coloring. It is also acceptable to wear a turtleneck, both with long sleeves and short sleeves. Stylish jewelry, or fashionable not wide jeans will complement the image.

Having chosen a suitable cardigan, do not postpone it for later. Immediately think of a good use for it. Do not give him dust in the corner of your closet. With him you will be spectacular in any place and in any company.