A brief description of the horoscope of Taurus

Taurus is very warm, friendly people. They are gentle and passionate, but do not show this feature. To achieve their goal, they use force. Men are very kind, gentle and attentive. They are also difficult to anger, but when you do this, he will take everything off his path, not regretting anyone.

Taurus very passionate lovers. They can even surpass the art of love of Scorpio himself. They calm down during sex. Taurus loves comfort and they are materialistic. Also they are attractive and good lovers, have a soft charm.

Taurus do not like to compliment their girls or wives. They do not show their feelings. Do not like long speeches, but just give expensive gifts.

Female-calves are very sincere and faithful wives, they skillfully create peace in the house and harmony. They are good at working. Male-calves are not demonstrative in sexual relations. They are passive in sex, wanting their wives to lead the process. Men of this sign do not pay attention to beautiful women when they pay, and when they do not have a penny, sex becomes a salvation for them. He likes spending money on himself, and greedy towards others.

Women-calves prefer expensive ornaments, clothes and cars.

Male and female calves in sex do not stop on one sexual act, they are very impulsive and strong. Taurus possess beauty and charm. Male-calves prefer expensive mistresses, like to indulge their gifts, but only when they "lift up their praise to heaven."

Male bodies are often inaccessible to some women. For them that is expensive, it is valuable. Female-calves are ready to spend all their money to attract a handsome man.

When bulls enter into a love relationship, they do not associate themselves with deep feelings. But when they decide to get married, they do not get divorced. They are true not only sexually, but also spiritually. In sex, calves like when flattered.

They are sexually compatible with Capricorns Virgins, Gemini, Aries and Scorpions.