Alyona Shishkova showed what she does at six in the morning

What beautiful girl can be busy at six in the morning on Friday? Relax after a party with friends, looking for dreams? Or maybe to luxuriate in a cozy bed, inhaling the wonderful aroma of coffee that the beloved cooked?

It turns out that beautiful slender girls at this time go on a bike tour around Moscow. In any case, Alena Shishkova preferred a morning walk on her bicycle. It's no wonder that a girl who starts her day so early on a bike tour has an ideal figure.

On her page in Instagram, Alyona Shishkova posted two photos today. The first picture was taken in Gorky Park at 6:15. Shishkova considers this time ideal for cycling.

The next picture was taken at 7:00 on Vorobyovy Gory.

As you know, for a year now, Shishkov's girlfriend does not live with Timati, who is the father of her daughter Alisa. At the same time, the couple maintained good relations.

Most recently on the page Shishkova appeared her pictures with the football player Anton Shunin. However, it seems, and this story has already ended: new photos with the athlete does not appear in the girl's blog for two months.

Today's photos have intrigued the blonde's subscribers: it is clear that the pictures were taken not by Alena himself, but by someone photographed. So, at such an early time, this mysterious "someone" accompanied Shishkov from the very house. Who could this be, and why does Alain carefully hide his friend?