Baby formula for children with special needs

Every woman knows that breast milk for a baby is very useful. It not only promotes the proper formation of the immune system, but is best absorbed by the baby. However, it is not always possible for a woman to breast-feed. This can be a variety of reasons: lack of milk, disease and the like. Therefore, in such cases, children's mixtures come to the rescue.

There is a huge number of children's mixtures, but not all babies fit the same mixes. Some crumbs need a special diet due to their health or body condition. For the category of such babies, pediatricians idetologists have developed special children's mixtures: lactose-free and medicinal. In this article we will consider them in more detail. Also we will tell about the best producers of children's mixtures.

Lactose-free dietary mixtures

It happens that such a mother has enough milk, but the baby is found to be intolerant. Usually this happens in two cases:

If you had to deal with such a problem, then you need to remember that the toddler in any case should not be given any breast milk or ordinary children's mixtures. If the baby has lactose insufficiency, then he needs to give only low-lactose mixtures or lactose-free formula. If you continue to feed your baby with ordinary lactose mixtures, soon serious health problems appear. Therefore, de-lactose mixtures are simply irreplaceable in such situations.

If the baby is allergic to mother's milk, then first of all parents need to turn to the pediatrician, so that he picked up for the crumbs a mixture that would not cause an allergic reaction. It is worth noting that such a mixture can not be at all expensive mixture of the new generation, but the most common mixture like "Baby".

Very often in such cases, parents pediatricians offer to transfer the baby to the infantile mixtures not on the basis of milk, but on the basis of soy. In its pure form, soy is very useful for the human body, thanks to the fact that it contains protein. So the composition of soy protein is very similar to meat protein, but unlike sweet, it does not contain cholesterol. Of course, soybean has some disadvantages. The main of these drawbacks is that soy contains a substance that hampers the cleavage of proteins. But infant formula, made on the basis of soy, is deprived of this trouble. And all due to the fact that the mixture must be diluted with hot water, which destroys this substance.

Another soy minus is that in its composition there are certain sugars, which are expressed in the large intestine of crumbs. This leads to the appearance of very unpleasant symptoms: to pain in the tummy, to bloating, to flatulence.

For the production of children's lactose-free milk formulas based on soy protein, only the maximally purified soy protein is used. It is a good substitute for cow milk and human milk. Such mixtures in their composition do not contain a gram of lactose, which is why they are ideal for babies who are lactose intolerant.

In recent years, a lot of people are protesting against genetically modified products. Some of these products include soy. Therefore, many parents refused to give the baby a lactose-free milk formula based on soy. But such fears are completely groundless. All products that are made from soybeans undergo very strict quality control. And children's mixtures are still subject to registration and certification. All infant formulas are thoroughly tested for: allergenic properties of soy, the structure of soybean DNA and the subject of mutagenic properties of soy.

Only after the infant formula will go through three stages of such research, the Ministry of Health will give permission for the products to go on sale. Therefore, buying a milk formula for your baby, you can be absolutely sure that no harm will come from the product.

For children who suffer from lactose insufficiency, children's formulas based on cow's milk are also suitable. In Russia, such milk mixes of the company Nanni, which are produced in New Zealand, are very popular. Nanni's mixtures are hypoallergenic and made on the basis of goat's milk. Such mixtures are suitable not only for those children who have lactose intolerance, but also for perfectly healthy babies. Also similar to the mixture are well suited to babies who are prone to atopic dermatitis. There are several varieties of these milk formulas. They areboth extraordinary and enriched prebiotics. Before you choose this or that mixture, consult a pediatrician.

Medicinal infant formula

Children's milk mixtures help not only to provide the body with the crumbs of all the necessary substances, but also help to solve some problems with health. Modern manufacturers of children's mixtures produce a huge number of them:

Today the best are considered such children's mixtures: Nutrilon, Nan, Nutrilak, Humana, Hipp and Agusha.