Beauty and career: the relationship and problems

"A beautiful employee distracts colleagues from work", "Beauties are hired for appearance, their destiny - to play the role of office dolls", "Beauty is not important if you are a professional in your business" - opinions about whether appearance is important for a successful career, there were many . Where is the truth? So, beauty and career: the relationship and problems are the topic for today. Discuss?

Psychology of success

A curious survey was conducted in one of the American colleges. Students were shown photographs of women and suggested, based only on the image, to describe their character and predict their future. Students all answered one as one that the most attractive women are more pleasant in communication and their life will undoubtedly be more successful both in personal and professional terms: they are expected to have successful marriages and high demand among employers. Professor Robert Chaldini, professor of psychology at the University of Arizona, who has studied this psychological effect for several years, says: "A person does not even realize how important physical attraction is in the perception of people." Employers are also people, it's no surprise that they react to the impulse coming from attractive candidates. What normal boss would prefer a pretty girl?

Facts and Figures

Psychological experiments are confirmed by statistical data. Experts from the Texas and Michigan universities studied the personal files of students of law faculties that were trained in 1971-1978, and assessed their appearance on a five-point scale. Then the professors contacted the alumni and inquired about their progress in their careers. It turned out that five years after receiving the diploma beauties and beauties earned 10% more than people of ordinary appearance, and in 15 years the incomes of attractive graduates increased by 12%. In the future, the experts compared the concepts of "beauty" and "career" and derived the following relationship. In the win, sadly, in the main were "sympathetic".

In this coin box, you can add a study conducted by the College of Lafayette in conjunction with New York University in 2005. Having studied the ratio of the salary and weight of different people, the scientists calculated that obese women earn 17% less than their peers in the quality of co-workers, whom nature endowed with shapely forms.

Life is richer than statistics

On the other hand, stereotypes about beautiful, but stupid employees who build a career through bed, were born for a reason. This is due to the usual envy, and excessive emphasis on their merits, which are often abused by the beauties: skirts above the permissible "middle of the knee", neckline, flashy makeup. According to HR specialists, it is beautiful women who are more often in the epicenter of office intrigues and conspiracies. Outshining all the "average" colleagues in the team is difficult for a team member to get along: she simply blames the eyes of the rest of the women, gaining trouble.

Contrary to conventional wisdom too attractive appearance does not always suit the bosses. There are also relevant concepts of beauty and career, the relationship and problems of which bring a lot of suffering to their charming owners. Maria Shnurova was dismissed from the position of a car salon consultant when she, a tall brunette with nice uniforms who went to work in tight-fitting clothes of bright colors, began to pay more attention than to cars: customers simply forgot about the purpose of the visit. In addition to this generally predictable problem, employers are often afraid that a beautiful and unmarried candidate for a vacant seat will not work for long, as she will soon marry and go on a decree. And - as a consequence - they screen out such candidates at the interview stage.

"Here is a case from my practice," says Anna Kotova, an HR specialist and psychologist. - To me for the interview came an economist woman, who was all good - and external data, and professional qualities. But the leadership decided to deny it. Being very upset, she told me that she has not been able to get a permanent job for two years already. Every time she is refused on different occasions, but the reason is the same: too beautiful, then, will be followed by an early wedding and a decree. I know that in the end she got a job, but at a much lower salary than the one she could rightfully claim. "

A Cruel Reality

So what is needed for employers, first pointing to the vacancy of the item "pleasant appearance", and then afraid of hiring pious beauties? Practice shows that in fact recruiters do not have in mind "Hollywood standards" and pay attention not so much to natural data as to the grooming of the future employee and how neatly and adequately she is dressed. Maria Sharkova, specialist in search and selection of personnel, says: "These are not the qualities that nature endowed a person with, but appearance as an attribute of success. That is how the person disposed of natural data. "

Let's remember the heroine of the series "Do not be born beautiful": a woman has an unremarkable appearance, she is a "gray mouse". But it is enough to add to it uhozhennosti - to make a hairdress, a stylish make-up and to pick up clothes which to it to lip, and it turns to very attractive woman. Recruiters call this the term "washed", that is, watching yourself.

Golden office rules:

\ / Try to dress nicely and neatly, but not catchy.

\ / See what your colleagues are wearing - do not stand too high against their background.

\ / Watch your hair and shoes: the head should always be at least clean, and the shoes - dust-free and untidy.

\ / Avoid too bright make-up, deep cuts and cuts - yet you are at work, and not in a nightclub.

\ / Be nice and polite in communication and competent in their field - these are the main criteria by which you will be assessed by management and colleagues in the office.

Draw conclusions

It turns out that the easiest way to succeed in working with women with a standard appearance. "Standard" is a key word that helps both in life and in career. More or less correct facial features, cosmetics, concealing flaws, laid-down hair, the style of clothes adopted among the people of your profession, in most cases not bright and not extravagant.

A huge role in the notion of "pleasant appearance" is played by self-confidence and willingness to achieve their goals. In the practice of any boss there is more than one case where, as it were, a beautiful and clever woman turned out to be an inexpressive, undeveloped person. And on the contrary, sometimes a woman "ugly", radiating incredible positive, literally soared up the career ladder, infecting everyone with her energy.

"It is worth to strive not for external, but for inner beauty and harmony," says psychologist Anna Kuznetsova. - Everything in the world is relative, especially the evaluation of appearance. But on the way a woman evaluates herself, much depends, because your inner strength and self-confidence will invariably be transferred to surrounding people. "

Beautiful and successful

Forbes magazine published a list of the world's richest beauties. The "five" leaders were headed by Milla Jovovich, who receives about 10.5 million dollars a year (mainly due to the contract with the firm L'Oreal). In second place was Brazilian Giselle BUNDHEN, who signed a contract with the company Victoria's Secret. In the next four years, she will earn $ 30 million. And for one day of work on the podium, Giselle asks for 50,000. It is followed by Heidi CLUM with an annual income of about $ 8 million, Carolyn MERFI - $ 5 million and Tyra BENX - $ 4 million. As you can see, "beauties" earn excellent money on their appearance, advertising cosmetics and clothes.