Blue clay against cellulite

Blue clay is an environmentally friendly natural raw material and is considered a true wealth of nature. It contains all the macro-and microelements, enzymes, organic substances and mineral salts that the body needs to restore and maintain skin's health. This clay has, in practice, no contraindications to the application. In this publication, we will examine how effective and how blue clay is used against cellulite in the home.

Healing properties and use of blue clay.

Useful properties of blue clay were discovered even in ancient times and used them effectively in medicine. The healing properties of this clay are based, first of all, on anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, absorbing and soothing abilities, as it is enriched with a large amount of cadmium and cobalt salts. This clay can enhance metabolism and increase blood circulation.

The human body absorbs from the composition of blue clay so many useful substances and elements in which he feels the need, so an overdose in the application of blue clay can not simply happen - and this is a proven fact. Clay is used for diseases of the joints, hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland and muscle weakness.

Application in cosmetology.

The application of the properties of blue clay is known not only to medicine. It is very effectively used in cosmetology, and is popular with its properties to perfectly clean the skin, keep its beauty and freshness and prolong the youth of the skin of the face and body, and it also has the properties of tightening the skin. When using blue clay, you can get an amazing result, because it smoothes fine wrinkles, whitens and cleanses the skin of acne, softens and tones the skin.

Clay from cellulite: wraps

Cellulite is one of the most common female problems in the world. Each girl wants to be slim and beautiful, and have a velvety and smooth to the touch the skin. The combination and application of blue clay with sea water gives a cosmetic momentary effect for the hair and skin of the face and body. Clay blue contains in its composition the compounds of silica and silicon, so it will be an excellent tool for fighting cellulite.

In most cases, the hips of women suffer from age-related changes and cellulite. Not everyone has enough money and time for anti-cellulite procedures in the beauty salon, so the fight against cellulite can be done at home. To do this, you need to do the wrapping procedure at least once a week. This type of clay is quite simple to use and affordable, and there are no additives in it, so the procedures for wrapping on the basis of blue clay are not inferior in effectiveness to the procedures conducted in the salons.

Preparation of the wrapping mixture

To make a mixture of blue clay, it should be diluted with slightly warm water to a consistency that resembles thick sour cream. But it is worth noting that the mixture must be diluted in ceramic pots only. To enhance the relaxing effect in the resulting mixture is recommended to add a few drops of any essential oil (rose oil, geranium, lavender, citrus, almonds).


A mixture of blue clay is evenly applied to problem areas, after which it should be wrapped on top with a film. You can put on cotton or linen shorts and necessarily wrap in a blanket to get the effect of the sauna. For an even distribution of clay it is desirable that your hands are wet. The duration of the procedure should be at least forty minutes. Then the mixture is washed off with warm water.

Such procedures remarkably steam out the skin, cleanse it of toxins and toxins, give an anti-cellulite effect, thanks to the fact that the wrapping removes excess liquid from the body. Wrapping procedures improve microcirculation, relieve edema and moisturize the skin. In addition, this type of clay has an antioxidant property and normalizes the water-salt balance.

For the first course of wrapping, there will be enough twelve procedures. There should be a break between the procedures, but not more than three days. After carrying out the wrapping procedures, the skin surface is smoothed and leveled, the changes in adipose tissue gradually begin to disappear.

Clay blue from cellulite: massage

A mixture prepared from blue clay, in combination with a massage, can affect the body in different ways. Someone such a massage will awaken and cheer, someone will reduce muscle fatigue and tension. You can also hold a relaxing massage for the whole body - it will reduce puffiness and promote relaxation, enhance circulation and just feel good.

Massage with the use of blue clay favorably affects the whole body in a positive way: it strengthens, revitalizes, tones and cleanses. With this massage, the skin is saturated with useful enzymes and substances. Clay exfoliates dead cells, removes excess liquid, slags and toxins, stimulates blood circulation, restores and improves the structure of the skin and its color, and also activates the metabolic processes of the body.

Preparation of a mixture for massage

For the massage you need to prepare a mixture of blue clay. For this, the blue clay must be diluted to a homogeneous mass with water heated to a temperature of approximately 60 degrees. It will be very effective to add algae, honey, aromatic oils, active mineral and marine substances to the mixture, which will lead to increased detoxification and drainage effect.

Conducting a massage

Then the paste made of blue clay is applied to the body or the necessary areas (back, legs, etc.) and begin massage with mashing, stroking and rubbing movements. It is possible to do this massage for an hour. Then it is necessary to wrap the body with polyethylene or a dense cloth for one hour. When there is a skin tightening effect (when the clay begins to dry up), the clay paste should be washed off and applied to the skin with a nourishing cream. It will be best if you visit the sauna before the procedure. After two to three months of the massage from the skin, edemas and tuberosity disappear.


There are some contraindications to the massage with blue clay: various kinds of viral and infectious diseases, pregnancy, menstruation, damage and skin diseases, benign tumors that are prone to growth, and malignant tumors, allergic reactions, as well as diseases of blood vessels, heart , internal organs.

The blue wonder-clay will bring back your skin elasticity, youth and beauty. No wonder it is so popular in SPA-salons, where it has found wide application.