Elastic skin of face and body

The elastic skin of face and body is the dream of any woman. But, unfortunately, women often think that a tight skin is one of the main privileges of youth. The skin can cease to be elastic already in 25, if you do not take care of it, lead an unhealthy and wrong way of life. Give your skin at least one hour a day. In order to care for the skin, a lot of time is not required and then you will always look beautiful, fresh and young.

How to make skin firmer

It is quite possible to maintain the skin of the body in an elastic state, and it is also possible to restore its elasticity and tightness, if it is lost, but this requires a lot of effort if you want to be sexy and beautiful.

There are many ways for the skin of the face and body to be taut. One of the most true ways is physical exercise. However, many women dismiss this method and refer to the fact that they have no time. And after all sports, fitness, gymnastics, yoga and the most usual dance help us and our skin to cheer up, wake up, recharge your energy for the whole day, and also helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Your skin will receive a lot of nutrients, which is why it will return to its elasticity and tone.

You can use a contrast or refreshing shower, which has the property to stimulate the condition of the vessels, while narrowing and widening them. If you take a contrast shower regularly for one month, then your skin will change noticeably, it will become more firm, elastic, soft. You can also do a simple massage with a hard brush, to redden the skin, but do not hurt her.

You can wet your skin and apply a body scrub to it. Within 10 minutes, rub the body with massage circular motions, and then rinse off with all the shower gel. But remember that scrubs can not be used very often. You can use it once a week. Use the scrub is in the evening, after taking a bath, as the pores of the steamed skin clean much easier.

You can use shower gels, but you need to use them every day, they do not cause the skin much harm. You just need to choose the most pleasant aroma for yourself, which you like most. This will help you create a positive and positive atmosphere for the whole day. After showering, you must use a gentle nourishing cream for the body, with a light texture. It is these creams that perfectly moisturize the skin and are perfectly absorbed. Do this routine every day and your skin will noticeably improve, it will become much more elastic.

Home Baths

In addition to minimal care, to retain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin you will help mask, bath, massage, diet and special exercises.

Elastic skin is very rare in our time. The skin of the body will become much more tight, if you use baths. The bath can improve not only the condition of the skin, but also soothe it, relieve stress and cheer up all day.

Mix one cup of hot honey with warm water, then add the rose oil (2 tablespoons). The resulting mixture should be poured into a bath, lie in this water for 30-40 minutes.

Very effective is a bath of medicinal herbs. You can collect them yourself or purchase at a pharmacy. You need to take medicinal clover, chamomile, creeping thyme and birch leaves in one piece; and the grass of the naked hernia take 2 parts. Mix everything and boil it with boiling water. Give the mass to brew, and when infused, you need to pour all the water in order to take a bath. This bath will help to cleanse the skin, return its elasticity and elasticity.

You can use infusions of oregano, lemon balm, mint, which you need to add to the bath. They have many properties, perfectly rejuvenate the skin of the body and face and slow its aging. Their cooking is very simple, they give an amazing effect.

There are many types of effective baths. For example, mineral baths are very common, they do not require preparation. In order to take such a bath, you need to buy a lot of sparkling mineral water, warm it all up and pour it into the bathroom. When immersed in such a bath, your skin will very suddenly feel fresh and beautiful.

Excellent helps the bath with citrus juice. It returns elasticity to the skin, rejuvenates it, and also prevents wrinkles. You will need to squeeze out six fruit juice and pour it into the tub. To do this, use fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Make sure that the water is warm in the tub. Essential oils can very favorably affect the entire skin of your body.

Use honey, ground flakes "Hercules", coconut milk for 1 tablespoon. Mix everything in equal quantities, mix thoroughly and can safely apply to the cleansed skin of your body. Keep it for half an hour. Then rinse off with warm water, but then cool. This mask should be repeated 3 times a week

It moisturizes the skin and olive oil, it saturates the skin with nutrients and vitamins, preserves elasticity and youth. Many women use this method, but sometimes they replace oils with expensive creams.