English diet: description, menu by day, recipes

Features of the English diet, menus, lists of products
The name "English diet" is received not because ladies in England are so very different in their figures from girls and women in our state, but because of the country of origin of dieticians who have developed a remarkable system of losing weight. Classical English diet is designed for 21 days, but it is also possible to sit on it for 2 weeks.

Allowed and forbidden products of the English diet

Carbohydrate foods in the diet should be at a minimum. If everything is done correctly, strictly adhere to the menu and the list of allowed / prohibited foods, then in the process of such a diet your body will receive carbohydrates burning its own fat reserves.

Permitted products:

Prohibited products:

Menu of the English diet by day, features, tips

The main feature that distinguishes the English diet is a menu that alternates with the reception of protein food with vegetables according to the formula 2 + 2. That is, 2 days of eating proteins, 2 days - vegetables and so on for 14 or 21 days, at your choice.

Menu for 14 days:

1,2,5,6,9,10,13 day we eat protein food:

3,4,7,8,11,12,14-st use mainly vegetables:

For the English diet for 21 days, everything remains the same, just continue to maintain the diet based on 2 days technology - vegetables, 2 days - protein food (cereals, fruit, fish, chicken, egg, etc.).

During the English diet for 14 days or 21 it is important that you drink enough fluids. In the morning it is recommended to drink 1 glass of water with the addition of lemon or green tea. It is important to maintain a normal water balance in the body.

Reviews and the result of losing weight with the help of an English diet with a photo

For 14 days the English diet will allow to throw off from 5 to 10 kilograms, and for 21 days - up to 13-14 kg. However, note that such a sharp weight loss can adversely affect your health, so properly "get out" of the diet, gradually adding to the diet carbohydrate food and bringing it back to normal.

A photo of the impressive results of losing weight using the English diet: