Fashionable and beautiful shoes without a hairpin

Winter came, the streets were covered with snow. Snow, ice, frost, cold, but even in this weather you want to look and stylish, and that was comfortable and warm. Snow and ice are not the best friends of the hairpin, especially high. You can look stylish even without shoes on the heel, the benefit in our time is a wide choice.

This winter in the trend the following comfortable shoes:

1. Valenki . The shoes of our grandparents have recently become very relevant. World designers are not afraid to release their models on the catwalks in boots and now this shoe is popular for several seasons ahead. As we know, felt boots are very comfortable, warm, and the most important practical footwear. In this season fashionistas buy valenoks with embroidery, rhinestones, chains, rubber boots soles.

It is worth noting that the felt boots are not very compatible with the skirt of any style. To the boots are best suited narrow jeans and leggings. As for outerwear, it is best to wear felt boots with short jackets, sheepskin coats, coats.

2. Short boots on the ankle on the wedge . These boots have one unpleasant feature - they shorten their legs, so pick up a skirt for such shoes you need to carefully (the magnificent version of maxi fit). As for tight trousers and jeans, they, along with such boots, will be slender. To choose the outer clothing for such shoes is necessary in accordance with the bottom of the ensemble. Shoes on the ankle on the wedge are perfectly combined with short jackets, sheepskin coats, crochets and denim jackets.

3. Biker shoes will suit lovers of bright images. Black on a small heel with stylized chains, buckles rivets for two seasons do not go out of fashion trends. They can be combined with many things, for example: tight jeans, leggings, you can put something on freely upstairs. If you prefer biker boots with a lot of buckles and rivets, then it's better to choose clothes for them more modest.

4. Jockey, cowboy boots. These boots look great with stretch pants and skirts free cut. As for outerwear, they are perfectly combined with down jackets of different lengths, as well as sheepskin coats and fur coats are not long-lasting.

5. Timberlands . Initially, men's shoes quickly became fashionable among female audience. These boots look best with jeans, a sweatshirt and a shirt, while jeans can be both narrow and wide. The timbers themselves can be worn over jeans and under them. They are also perfectly combined with dresses, short shorts and knitted cardigans. These boots look very impressive in the style of military with suitably selected. Despite the fact that the timbers are best combined with the clothing of sports themes, with their help you can also make a romantic image of this fairytale princess.

6. Ugggy. Uggs are relatives of felt boots, but they appeared in Australia and for several centuries were used exclusively as home shoes. Time passes and now these boots have not gone out of fashion for quite a long time. Despite the fact that some men consider them not at all sexual, this does not prevent the ugi already for several seasons not to go off the fashion podiums.

Narrow jeans and cardigan combined with this footwear look very stylish.

Full girls are not recommended to combine ugg boots with short shorts and a skirt, since such a combination will give more completeness.

As you can see, this season to choose a fashionable and comfortable shoes without a hairpin is easy enough, you just need to choose from the above options suitable for you.