First aid for poisoning with mushrooms

It happens that inexperienced mushroom pickers often confuse edible mushrooms with poisonous ones, and of course use them for food. Mushrooms can be poisoned if they are improperly cooked. Therefore, when you collect mushrooms, do not take those that cause you doubts. And already at home, when sorting through them, make sure that you have only edible in the basket. First aid for poisoning with mushrooms, we learn from this publication.

Unfortunately, poisoning with mushrooms is not a rare case, as we would like. Therefore, you need to learn how to provide first aid, both to yourself and to those who are close to you. And this first aid plays a big role in saving the patient's life.

The first symptoms of poisoning are manifested after about 2 hours, it is an abundant fluid stool, cramping pains in the stomach, attacks of vomiting, malaise. You should urgently call an ambulance. It will be even more dangerous if the symptoms of poisoning are manifested after 6 or more hours - then the patient has poisoned himself with a pale toadstool.

While the ambulance arrives, your task is to provide first aid to the patient. The first thing to do is to wash the patient's stomach, for this you should drink 5 or 6 glasses of a weak solution of potassium permanganate pink or boiled water with soda (one cup of soda should be put on a glass of water). Then press your fingers on the root of the tongue, thereby induce vomiting. Repeat this procedure several times. Then drink a laxative or 2 or 3 tablets of activated charcoal. Put in bed and drink hot. Then you can expect the arrival of a doctor. When calling a doctor, be sure to inform that the patient has poisoned himself with mushrooms. Mushrooms or their remains can be passed on to doctors for rapid examination in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

It is necessary to use antibiotics (levomitsetin, neomycin), because toxins activate pathogens in the intestine pathogenic microorganisms. It is necessary to drink a lot of water, thereby the water-salt balance will be restored.

When poisoning with mushrooms, the main feature is that the fungal poisons are poorly soluble. Poisoning can occur in a person who has been exposed to a poisonous fungus. And even if the symptoms of fungal poisoning and differ from the symptoms of food poisoning, but all the measures that are provided to the patient before the arrival of an ambulance, apply the same.

Poisoning by poisonous mushrooms is divided into several types:

The first type
To this type include some small types of umbrellas and pale toadstool, fly agaric. Symptoms of poisoning can occur from 6 to 24 hours, and happen in 48 hours. Beginning profuse urination, thirst, severe diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions. After 3 hours, there is a time of apparent improvement, jaundice appears and then the patient dies of a liver function disorder.

The second type
These include lines and some species from the Helvell family. Signs of poisoning appear after 6 or 12 hours, and maybe after 2 hours. They are expressed in a feeling of fatigue, vomiting, stomach cramps, headaches, it lasts 1 or 2 days. Then comes jaundice and a violation of the liver. Sometimes this poisoning results in death.

The third type
These include fiber and spider webs. The first signs of poisoning can appear after 3 or 14 days, and sometimes even later. There is a feeling of dryness in the mouth, pain in the stomach, urination increases, vomiting begins. Then the kidneys stop working, and death sets in.

The fourth type
These include some dung. Signs of poisoning only appear if a person has consumed alcohol after a fungus, even if 2 days have passed. After 30 minutes after taking alcohol, reddening of the body and face starts, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches, heart palpitations. This can happen every time you drink alcohol. This poisoning is not fatal.

Fifth type
This group includes muhomorah panther and red, fiber and white heads. The first signs of poisoning appear in half an hour, and sometimes in two hours. The face turns red, palpitations intensify, sweating, swelling, vision impairment, febrile condition without fever.

The sixth type
These include the mizen net and fly agarics. The first signs of poisoning are manifested after 30 minutes, and sometimes after 2 hours. They are expressed in a state reminiscent of the state of alcohol intoxication, in arousal, palpitations. In a few hours everything passes. Poisoning is not fatal.

The seventh type
These include yellow-skin champignon, a false gray-yellow chicken, many entoloms, and others. The first signs of poisoning are manifested in half an hour or 2 hours. They express themselves in diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, colic, headache, nausea. These poisonings rarely end in death.

The eighth type
These include fly agaric porphyry. Poisoning occurs after the consumption of such fungi in large quantities.

The ninth type
To this group is the svinushka thin. Poisoning can occur even a few years after the person used swine food. Usually, pains begin in the abdomen, dizziness, and ends with impaired renal function.

Remember these simple rules to avoid poisoning with mushrooms:
1. Collect only known to you types of mushrooms.

2. No need to collect old mushrooms.

3. You should not taste mushrooms you do not know.

4. When collecting flash, carefully consider the coloring of their plates and hats. Do not cut them in bundles, carefully consider each mushroom.

5. Do not pick mushrooms in bags.

6. Do not collect mushrooms near businesses, near roads, in the city.

7. Do not leave mushrooms for the night without treatment.

8. Homemade canned mushrooms can cause severe poisoning.

Now we know how to provide first aid for poisoning with mushrooms. Be always careful and careful when collecting and consuming mushrooms.