Traditional Thai Massage

Features of Thai massage, recommendations and tips.
There are many conflicting opinions about Thai massage. In the majority, he is associated with sex or some sort of erotic procedure. But in fact, the meaning of Thai massage is far from that. It includes a strong pressure on the muscles, passive exercises that are similar to yoga, stretching joints and activating the energy of the body. The history of this technique is rooted deeply in Indian and Chinese traditional medicine. Such a massage first began to practice more than two thousand years ago.

Existing species

At the moment, two types of Thai massage are widely practiced. Let's talk about them a little more.

What is the effect of the massage?

For those who have not tried such a procedure, it will be interesting to know what it affects and what results to expect.

There are also some contraindications

Massage and sex

We could not ignore the stereotype of Thai massage. Most of our fellow citizens believe that this technique is directly related to sensual or sexual pleasure and is carried by the breast. But actually it is not.

Such a prejudiced attitude arose just a few decades ago, when Thailand (the birthplace of massage) became a place of pilgrimage for tourists who wanted to try exotic sex. It did not do in such institutions without massage.

But in fact, the traditional method of Thai massage in oriental medicine has absolutely nothing to do with sexual pleasures. During the session, both the patient and the masseur are fully dressed, and the specialist never touches any intimate areas of his client.

First and foremost, Thai massage is aimed at improving the condition of the body, toning the skin and regulating the work of internal organs. Of course, you can master the technique of doing it yourself, by watching several video lessons.