Five Ways to Start a New Life

You are unhappy with yourself and would like to change your life, but do not know where to start? So, it is you who are addressed to our advice. Who knows, maybe by taking these five ways to start a new life, you will be surprised to find that promising prospects have opened up for you. The main thing - remember: in order for your life to become better, you first need to change your inner world, and only then take on the environment.

1. Restore your joy

What do you mean by the word "pleasure"? If you are thinking about answering such a question, it means that in your life this feeling is not enough. People put into this concept a very diverse meaning, but we are united by the fact that we all need periodic enjoyment. And deprived of small pleasures a person becomes defenseless before depression.

Even if you are very serious in nature and you are not left at home or at work with a heightened sense of responsibility, this does not mean that you should deprive yourself of a fun and enjoyable pastime. After all, when you are rejoicing something, restless thoughts go to the background, and life seems easy and cloudless. There comes peace of mind. And if you are laughing at the same time, then you become healthier physically, because the body begins to produce useful hormones. Scientists have proved that in people who are laughable people, even wound healing is faster! In addition, a person with a happy expression attracts other happy people.

To follow this path many of us are hampered by the habit of living under the motto "First of all planes ...". We strive to perform important tasks first, and send the pleasures to the very end of the list. But since all cases never change, it turns out that we do not have time to start a new life.

Do you think that you do not know what to please yourself? Do you think that fun has gone for you forever with your childhood? Do not believe yourself, it's not true. Here are a few ways to make sure of this:

♦ Write on the sheet of paper all your desires that you ever had, but which have never been realized because of either their irrationality or your employment. When you put a point, you will see before you a list of various ways to please yourself. Now the only thing you need is to choose time for them.

♦ Remember what gave you joy in childhood. Most of these moments you can enjoy to this day, especially since they are usually available and do not require serious material costs. For example, on a fine winter day, take a ride from the icy mountain at the "fifth point", paint in the style of "graffiti" the wall of your dacha.

♦ A win-win option is going to the movies for a comedy. After that, you will surely be in a good mood. In the following days, when stressful situations occur, remember the jokes from the film that most of all amused you.

2. Live for today

Unfortunately, each of us has experience of failures and disappointments. We can not escape from them, because it is a part of human existence. And how often the past presses on us a heavy load, preventing to go through life easily and freely! We for a long time remain under the influence of what happened and thereby miss the good that the present offers us. For example, once disillusioned in friendship, forever deprive ourselves of the opportunity to acquire it again. And after experiencing betrayal of her husband, we condemn ourselves to a dull life without love. But you can not live like that!

♦ Fix and pass through yourself everything that happens next to you every day. Build your behavior and relationships with other people on this basis, taking into account what is happening here and now. Sometimes it is useful to mentally say the events: "I'm going home in a warm and bright bus, outside the window flashed quarters, a handsome young man on the other hand does not take my eyes off ..."

♦ "Rewrite" your past. If there you looked humiliated or confused, think of another development of events, where you overcome the zigzags of fate and come out victorious. It does not matter that it was not in fact. But the past will let you go.

♦ If you catch yourself remembering the old sores, stop, hold your breath for five seconds and think about something very enjoyable. Keep it in your memory. This technique will help you to return from the past to the present and stay in it.

3. Appreciate what you have

Most of us are building all kinds of life plans, which usually do not immediately come true, or even remain in dreams. Someone does not lose optimism and continues to aggressively pursue the goal. And someone is fixated on what he does not get, and as a result, there is a feeling of vexation. But this feeling has an antidote.

♦ Every night before going to sleep, remember what fate has given you - both for the past day and for your past life. If you try hard, the account in your favor, we are sure, will be significant. Learn to appreciate what you already have. Look around you: for sure in your life a lot of good has accumulated, from which you do not want to refuse. And when you see this, try to realize that life is wonderful and complaining is a sin.

♦ When you are happy, do not be afraid to admit to yourself. Often talk about what specifically

you appreciate in your life. Imagine that this will continue for the rest of your life, and enjoy this feeling. And let the people you love and cherish know about your attitude towards them. Do not be lazy to remind them about it, even five times a day.

4. Do not go on about others

Such a short word "no", but sometimes it is difficult to pronounce it! In the same rare cases, when we succeed, we accompany the refusal of a hail of explanations and apologies. "I can not look after your dog, because I have a job for two stakes, a first-grader son, a pissing husband, three cats ..." A familiar picture, is not it?

It's hard for us to say no, because women are by nature oriented to help. But you can not infringe on your own interests, otherwise you will be constantly tormented by a feeling of dissatisfaction. Refusing a person for an impossible or unreasonable request, you force him to reckon with you, and ultimately - protect yourself from being sat down and gone.

♦ Do not answer the request for a favor right away. Ask for time to think, referring to the need to check with the intended affairs. In a calm environment, decide whether you want to answer with consent or not. If you do not want, then inform your refusal politely, but firmly.

♦ Do not get carried away by apologies. They only irritate your opponent, and you look as if you are trying to wriggle out. Better express the hope that the problem will be solved without you.

♦ Recall the situations in which you usually say "yes" against your will, and prepare for them in advance.

5. Do not be angry.

Psychologists have long found out that anger is the reason for almost all mental disorders of a person. We are angry much more often than we think - to ourselves, to others, even just like that. Often, even good deeds, we do only because of feelings of guilt, that is, deep anger at ourselves: "I'm so bad! I just have to do something good ... ". Sometimes it's hard to cope on your own. But you have to try. Every time something starts to make you angry - do not rush to act. Stop, take a deep breath, just wait a few seconds. Malice is a momentary thing. It passes quickly - you yourself will be surprised how quickly. And you will not have time to do it in a fit of stupidity, which you will long regret.

Thanks to these five ways to start a new life, you can free yourself from what prevents you from finding peace and joy. It is in your power - to be happy here and now, and not somewhere there someday. Just want change - and be happy!