Fresh from the shower: styling with a "wet" effect - trend-2016

The time of complex hairstyles and intricate designs with braids on the head is a thing of the past - this season dictates fashion for brevity. A minimum of effort and natural result in the form of carelessly laid locks - a wonderful solution for romantic summer images. Stylists recommend following the podium trends: at the peak of popularity - the "wet" effect. The roots of the hair are treated with a styling agent and gently combed back. On strands are applied light sprays or foams and texture waves are formed. In this case, you can experiment with the styling, achieving a clear graphic pattern in the Giambattista Valli or Anouki, smooth curls like Paco Rabanne and Cushnie Et Oshs, a lush radical volume like Mulberry or Miu Miu.

The hairstyle with the hair combed back is really simple in execution, it is important only to choose the right styling. For the root zone it is better to use more rigid fixing means that form the styling, and along the entire length to apply sprays with an air texture - they will give the hair a shine and a well-groomed appearance, without making them heavier.

Gigi Hadid at the Giambattista Valli show

Styling with snow-white styling on the show Fenty x Puma

Elegant hairstyles with straight cuts from Paco Rabanne

Smooth curls with a small basal volume - noble impeccability from Miu Miu