Having sex in a dream, what does it mean?

Many people tend to take their dreams very seriously. And there is a certain reason for this, since dreams, as a rule, have quite a real underpinning. However, do not be afraid if this night you "spent" in the arms of the hated boss or, worse, "walked" along the street in a negligee ...

You can be calm for your reputation! Psychoanalysts say: absolutely any woman can have sex in a dream, which means only one thing - she is healthy. Dreams of an erotic nature are not proof of debauchery and depravity, but merely testify to the rich imagination and full-fledged development of a person. In addition, not all piquant dreams are based on the experiences of the sexual plan.

Contrary to popular belief, these nocturnal surprises in sexually active women are no less rare than those of old maidens and "blue stockings." Too unexpected and bold dreams, which could be qualified as a single-valued deviation or perversion, come true all this in reality, in fact are a signal that the dreamer is experiencing certain moral difficulties. This may be dissatisfaction in the social sphere, problems with self-esteem, with relatives or co-workers. In real life, these difficulties are either not realized, or a person simply does not want to think about it, prefers, like an ostrich, to hide his head in the sand. And in a dream, when the unconscious is released from the yoke of conventionalities, all our grievances and unrealized aspirations go out. Therefore it is very useful to remember your erotic dreams, in order to more closely "consider" them in the light of the day.


Some women regularly have sex in a dream with different celebrities. Then you will have a romance with a famous film director with the appearance of a March cat, then suddenly the soloist of a popular pop group will dream, a scandalously famous politician or TV presenter ... It turns out not a night life, but an exciting movie epic!

True, the closeness with a certain personality is most often seen by young ladies - such romantic creatures, just beginning to realize their sexuality. Exhausted by unclear feelings and desires, they begin to search for a worthy object of attention. But among pimply coevals, as a rule, it is not. And then in the night vision is the ideal of male perfection. Beautiful and unattainable. And inaccessibility in this case is very useful: it is a kind of insurance against the bitter disappointments that lie in wait for real love.

If such dreams are visited by an adult woman, this speaks either of her infantilism and inability to communicate with the opposite sex, or about her insecurity in her feminine attractiveness. A natural question may arise: "Then why does she see herself in the dream with the best of the best? "It's very simple: nothing decorates a woman like a man walking next to her. (In other words: what a fisherman is, such is the catch.) This stereotype establishes a common morality that still assesses a woman not according to her own merits, but from the position of her husband or lover. Therefore, "indulging in passion" with a celebrity, a woman - unconsciously! - trying to improve their self-esteem. Which means that she mentally puts an equal sign between herself and her "star" partner.


Dreams in which a woman makes love with her best friend, co-worker or a new acquaintance, you can not call pleasant. That is, in a dream, the sensation is pleasant, but then ... Scrolling in the morning footage of the night porn, many pour out a cold sweat and, losing the remnants of self-esteem, ask the fatal question: "Really I ...?"

Calm down, you are not a lesbian. Most likely, tactile hunger, that is, a lack of sensual sensations, gentle touches, refined caresses and mutual understanding with a partner, pushed you to such nightly feats. Sometimes, in the absence of spiritual intimacy, it can be difficult for a woman to confess to her husband that she expects from him not at all the relationships to which he is accustomed. For example, she dreams of oral sex, and he is a staunch opponent of such "excesses".

Sexual dissatisfaction, a desire to experience sensations that are not accessible in real life, passing into the unconscious area, are transformed into the most unexpected images. Tenderness and warmth, as a rule, are associated with the feminine principle, so the partner takes on a suddenly feminine look. And sensitively catching the needs of the female body, gives the opportunity to see "the sky in blue diamonds."

To experience something similar in reality, try to tell about your night journey to the island of Lesbos to your lover. Maybe this will help him become more attentive, sensitive and gentle.


If you dream from time to time that you are having sex with an animal - a lion, a large dog, a bear, etc., this is not at all an occasion to consider yourself a hopelessly corrupted zoophilic. Most likely, it never even occurred to you to try something similar in reality. And this is understandable, since the background of this dream is not sexual but psychological underpinning. The fact that the animal plays the role of a man in a dream eloquently testifies to the woman's unconscious fear of "rough, aggressive males". It is these in the depths of her soul that she considers all the representatives of the opposite sex. It is possible that such an opinion developed in childhood under the influence of a hard and authoritarian father (or mother, who loved to repeat that all men are bastards and scoundrels).


If you are in a dream indulged in a passionate passion with an unfamiliar man whose faces did not even have time to properly see, this does not mean that you are a frivolous lady, a seeker of dubious adventures. Just the opposite! In life, you certainly adhere to strict morals, look away when something "something" appears on the television screen, and even to the husband with whom you lived for ten years, do not allow "different nonsenses". And suddenly - on you!

Meanwhile, Mr. X's nocturnal phenomenon is not an accident. This is an occasion to reflect on whether you are not too clinging to your natural essence, genuine feelings and desires for the sake of sanctimonious prejudices? Maybe it's worth a bit of relaxation, letting go of your sexuality and not asking yourself the constant question: "What will my husband think about me?"

Remember, with the night stranger everything was different. You knew that you would not meet him again. In this situation, the effect of a fellow traveler works. And if you try to turn a dream into reality? This does not mean that you have to go all the way, just try to be alone with your beloved man about the fact that you are an exemplary mother, an exemplary wife and an ideal hostess. Feel yourself just a woman - relaxed, desirable, seductive. Remember how you had sex in a dream, what did this mean to you, what did you feel? Perhaps in reality something more exciting awaits you than in a dream.


Do you remember the anecdote about the cat, which complained that the day before yesterday in the attic she was raped by "some scoundrel"? The next day the same thing happened again. "Today I'll go again ..." she said with an embarrassed smile.

Here is a woman who dreams that she is being raped, unconsciously she dreams of such a situation. Because it is firmly rooted in the domestic ban on sex. Where did he come from? Perhaps, in a deep childhood, she heard a scrap of "adult" talk about the fact that all this "dirt" can not attract a decent woman. Or the mother suggested that a decent girl should not make eyes for the guys and generally show an interest in the "shameful" area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

Natural behavior, that is, when a woman is not afraid to express her feelings, show initiative and get sexual pleasure, seems to be immoral and unacceptable through the prism of all these prohibitions. And then, trying to deceive herself, a woman begins to unconsciously desire a situation in which she could catch two birds with one stone: to absolve herself from responsibility for what is happening and to enjoy sex.


Intimacy with one's own boss is one of the most common subjects of erotic dreams. If the boss is an impressive man, it may very well be that the dream has become a continuation of your unconscious daytime aspirations and playful thoughts. If he is a plush guy with the manners of a despot and a tyrant, it is worth looking for the key to deciphering his nightly adventures among his secret experiences.

Do you think that your position corresponds to what you really deserve? Are your business qualities appreciated? Are you satisfied with your own status? It is possible to say with a high degree of probability that you are a very ambitious person, practical, you know well what you want. But so far you have not succeeded in realizing your plans. It is possible that for this you are able to use and not entirely correct means.

It's no secret that closeness with the boss allows the "favorite" to occupy a special position in the team and move up the career ladder. Your dream, of course, does not mean that you are ready to turn a service romance out of purely career considerations. But your subconscious has already begun to search for bypass trails for the realization of ambitious plans.

It may seem strange that such dreams are often visited by women who can not tolerate their boss. It is extremely unexpected for them to have sex in a dream, which would mean a hint of sympathy or even attachment to the object of their hatred. This is explained by a hidden desire to recoup on the tormentor, to see him weak and defenseless. The situation, when a naked man is entirely in her power, corresponds to this as well as possible.