What manicure suits you for the sign of the zodiac

Today, astrology is being consulted not only on global issues, but also on such issues as, for example, fashion. Style in clothes, hair, makeup and manicure, on assurances of astrologers, should be chosen not only to please current fashion trends, but also according to the "preferences" of planets related to the birth of a person. Do not underestimate the color gamut in the created image. It affects the mood, peace of mind and life in general. In this direction we investigate the influence of planets and stars on manicure. The color of the nail polish and the pattern created on them are associated with the signs of the zodiac, and astrologers advise before going to the master of manicure to become familiar with the color palette, which is ideal for nails to every sign. Creating a manicure with astrological tips, you will bring harmony, health, love, success and happiness into your life.


Aries in all tend to be independent, but they always remain feminine and have all the qualities that a true lady has. Most of Aries do not tolerate monotony. So do not go against your nature. Give up boring one-color nails. Feel free to experiment, creating a riot of colors on them. But the main emphasis is on the fire and bright colors: red, gold, orange, raspberry. The best day for manicure: Tuesday.


Women-Taurus are innate women of fashion. They are given the stars with taste and understanding of style. They are very demanding of themselves and their appearance, so the beauty salon is their second home. By manicure Taurus are particularly reverent, since the beauty of hands is considered their business card. In choosing the color of varnish, pay attention to pastel colors: soft blue, pink, lemon, lilac, lime. French or "moon" manicure will become a source of vital energy. The best day for manicure: Friday.


Curious Twins tend to diversity and can not accept boredom and monotony. They have a fantastic imagination, a storehouse of ideas and irrepressible energy. Features of this nature should be expressed in the design of nails. Juicy shades will attract attention and surrounding people, and good luck. Choose a cover of the color of hot (orange) sun, ripe strawberries or purple eggplant. Manicure in the technique of ombre can make those Gemini who do not recognize intricate patterns. The best day for manicure: Wednesday.


Women who were born under the sign of Cancer, one of the most sensitive natures with a subtle soul organization. They are not proud of these qualities, so they are skillfully hidden behind reason and practicality. Their lives Rakis often devote to others, so they have no time to visit beauty salons. They prefer to work on their own manicure. For beauty and harmony, choose calm tones. It's better if it's deep blue, silvery, white or purple. The best day for manicure: Monday.


Female Lionesses are subject to the Sun. It creates in them eccentricity, pride and the desire for leadership. Being in the center of attention for Lionesses is as important as breathing. But it obliges to always have perfect appearance, and hands are no exception. In choosing the color of nail polish, it is preferable to choose all shades of yellow, purple, terracotta, scarlet. You can also add a little gold or sequins to the main color. The main thing is not to overdo it! The best day for manicure: Sunday.


In women, Virgo, there is a lot of femininity, softness and calmness. They feel discord and disharmony at the slightest fluctuation of emotions. The color of the varnish should become an extension of the Virgo character and balance the external poise with the provocations of the outside world. With this, perfectly nude shades, calm tones of green, blue and pink will perfectly cope. Ideal will be the French manicure, as well as lace drawings or an image of sakura. The best day for manicure: Wednesday.


For Libra, harmony is always important. They are refined, refined and elegant. This representative of the sign is achieved due to naturalness, expressed in both behavior and taste. The collection of favorite varnishes must include pastel and nude shades. Manicure for the evening image can be performed in darker colors, for example - chocolate or coffee. The decoration pattern is laconic. The best day for manicure: Friday.


Scorpions often demonstrate to the world their inconsistency and a certain duality. On the one hand, young ladies are confident in themselves, strong-willed and enterprising, and on the other - very feminine and sensitive. This contrast can also be expressed in the color of the nails. He will soften the transition between the opposite qualities and create harmony. Ideal is a gradient coating of brown and pink shades. Also, you can safely use rich red and crimson colors. The best day for manicure: Tuesday.


Sagittarians are distinguished by increased vitality, vigor and cheerfulness. Being in constant movement, they often do not have time for the beauty of their nails. For this sign the main thing is cleanliness and accuracy. But the varnish covering of certain colors will enhance the experience of adventure and will become in some way a defense that protects Streltsov in his favorite adventures. All the shades of green, blue, purple and purple - that's it! The best day for manicure: Thursday.


Under the cool coolness and winter coldness of Capricorns, true African passions are raging. They are ambitious and emotional, especially when you need to defend your point of view. Capricorns are conservatives and are often stubborn, not wanting to change their tastes. The color palette of nail polish may not appeal to all Capricorns, but there is strength in it. Choose all the dark shades of blue, black, ash gray or cool blue. The best day for manicure: Saturday.


All Aquarians are very enthusiastic about nature. They easily light up with new ideas, but also quickly lose interest in them, and with no less pleasure take on other hobbies. Bright and direct Aquarius, which has an extraordinary imagination and creativity, will suit rich colors of lacquer, such as ultramarine, turquoise, blue electrician, and all neon shades. Do not be afraid to include imagination, and life on your nails will sparkle with colors. The best day for manicure: Wednesday and Saturday.


Fishes are famous for their softness, vulnerability, sensitivity. They are endowed with a rich imagination, and within themselves have several worlds, in which they often hide. It's a little distracting them from reality, but it helps a lot in creativity. Reflect the full depth of your nature you should and in the design of nails. Choose for this color of your element: blue, blue, purple, turquoise, purple. Decorate your nails with sea patterns. The best day for manicure: Thursday.