How to behave after the first night of love?

Sooner or later the candy-bouquet period ends and the couple moves to a new stage in the relationship - sex. Of course, after such a stormy night comes the morning, and you do not know what will happen next and how to behave. Usually after the first time a relationship can either become even better and stronger, or everything will end. Usually we always start to think: What will happen next? How will he treat me when he sees me without makeup? The answer to this question is simple, you just need to look at how he treats you, and of course not to do all sorts of stupid things on the first morning together.

If you woke up first

Do not wake up to your chosen one, let him gain strength. At night, he must have put on one hundred percent and he needs rest. If you need to leave urgently, then be quiet, quietly assemble and leave, because if you start to wake him, then you can not hear the most pleasant words, for example, "close the main door for yourself". If you go quietly, he will not be angry and offended, but on the contrary will wait when you meet again.

If you do not need to run anywhere, then you should remember some things. Do not rush headlong into the bathroom to fix your make-up, make up your lips and eyes, get dressed and do your hair. Vseravno someday you have to show your true face. You can just brush your hair lightly, refresh yourself and put yourself in order.

Do not nachachachat cleaning the first morning, and then your man can see you in zabotlivuyu hostess and misunderstand. You do not have to go to the kitchen and make breakfast for him. You are not so close.

While he is sleeping, you can consider it better. I'm not saying that you met yesterday, but still you can see much more when he is asleep. Try to note only its dignity, do not notice the shortcomings. If you still want to continue with the relationship, then climb back under the blanket and wait until he wakes up, making a view that they did not get up anywhere. When he wakes up and sees you in such a beautiful vegan embrace, then you will not get up from your bed soon.

If he first

Does he start kissing you? Do not you dare to turn around, even though you did not brush your teeth. Surely you're not his first and he knows what the girl looks like in the morning. If you immediately run into the bathroom, then he incorrectly understands you, thinks that you are greeted. Do not insist on having breakfast. Let him think about it, of course, if you are at his house. Well, and if he does not hurry to take care of this, then think about whether you need such an inattentive man in general. You can cook breakfast together, it's so romantic.

Do not need much to demand from him, maybe he does not count on a serious relationship. If you invent names for children on the first morning, do not expect that he will call back.

Do not be upset if something goes wrong the first morning. This is just a chance to repeat and correct everything.

Very often in the morning everyone feels a kind of unintelligence. It's nothing to worry about. After all, you climbed a step higher in your relations, and neither you nor he did not get used to. It's just that no one knows what to do with it, as if they saw each other for the first time. Just say to him: "Good morning" smile sincerely. If at night you really liked it, then tell him about it. If "so-so", as happens most often, then do not say anything and continue to smile, let it correct its mistakes. Do not pester him with sraksprosami like him in bed? Do not make him lie. If he looks around, he will say so, if he wants to. Talk about the plans today. Try to hint to him that you have a lot to do today, but if he insists too much, then promise to think.

And now look, if he woke up and no "he does not smell" with any tenderness, but he just slams you on the ass, and says "Well, chump! Let's do me a blowjob! ", Then without hesitation, collect your things and run from there, well, if you are at home, then chase it in three necks. Slept with him, not you, but yesterday's tequila and whiskey.

And the biggest problem with the morning is bad breath. What to do? Kiss, you want. If you first get out to brush your teeth, and then he, you'll stay in the morning without romance. Just make mint candies on the nightstand. If there are no sweets, then go to the bathroom together and beat it somehow.