Drying fat: women's menu for drying the body

Diet and rules for drying the body
Is it possible to make your body beautiful at home without visiting expensive salons, gyms and specialists in the field of dietetics? Our answer is "Yes." We will share with you the secrets of the so-called "body drying" for girls and women. With the help of a special menu you will achieve good results without starving yourself. To form a beautiful body, you will have to change only some of your habits, but the result you get in return will be the main stimulus for you.

"Drying the body" - what is it?

And now about what you have to do. Many have heard the expression "drying the body," but not everyone understands what it means. This term came from sports, or rather, from bodybuilding. This is a professional term for athletes, and it implies - getting rid of subcutaneous fat to get the relief of the body due to the drawing of the muscles. In sport, this process is necessary for bodybuilders before the competition, and they actively use a specially designed set of actions to achieve the desired result.

For girls, drying the body is an opportunity to lose weight properly, which means not getting saggy skin and a lot of stretch marks. To properly dry it is necessary to adhere to two mandatory rules:

Training should consist of an aerobic part and a power one, the last one is focused. Why are not we just limited to power? The power part of the exercises gives the maximum load on the muscles, helping to make them embossed, but burns calories, and accordingly fat - aerobic load. In the complex, they complement each other.

The course of drying is designed for 6-8 weeks, during this time, provided all the rules are fulfilled, you get rid of 3-10 kg of subcutaneous fat, while the muscles strengthen and create flawless, relief lines on the body. Believe me, the result, which you will see after a few weeks after the beginning of the course, will give you an incentive to continue the started complex.

Diet for girls during drying

Remember, 70% of the success depends on your menu: a properly composed diet in drying plays a major role.

The main rule of the diet for drying is the gradual rejection of carbohydrate foods in favor of protein. Why are carbohydrates considered "enemies" of the menu? Yes, because the body lays it "in reserve" in the form of fat in the case of "hungry times".

So, the basis of your diet should be protein food with a minimum amount of fat, the latter should be present, but in small amounts, about 10-20% of the entire menu. The main products of your diet for drying:

Fats need to be consumed from vegetable oils. It can be olive, linseed or sunflower oil, its amount per day - up to two tablespoons. Fats are needed in order not to disturb the metabolic processes in the body, that is, so that your nails do not become brittle, and your hair is dull.

The share of carbohydrates in the menu should be 20-30%, not more, and they should be only complex. As you know, carbohydrates are divided into two groups: simple and complex. At the heart of simple, is glucose and fructose. These include confectionery, chocolate, candy and carbonated drinks. Benefits from them no, one harm. Complex carbohydrates consist of starch and cellulose. They are found in vegetables, cereals and legumes. So they should make the same 20% in your menu. All hydrocarbon-containing foods should be eaten in the morning, no later than 14 hours!

Of complex carbohydrates, it is preferable to include the following foods in the diet:

Girls and women go on a diet to dry the body should be gradually, not creating stress for the body. In the first week, completely discard all simple carbohydrates, and from the second cut to a minimum (10-20%) and complex.

Another "enemy" of drying is salt. The use of salt should be minimized, and ideally it is completely excluded, as it delays water in the body and thereby prevents normal metabolic processes and the burning of subcutaneous fat.

This is how the approximate menu should look for the day when drying:

This diet contains approximately 1200-1300 kcal. Additional snacking is possible only with protein food. Daily in your menu should be present fish or chicken fillet, cottage cheese and squirrels of chicken eggs.

Delicious and healthy recipes for body drying

From these products, you can prepare delicious dishes, not limited to lean boiled meat or fish. Here are a couple of recipes for unsuitable dishes.

Soup from salmon

Three or four tomatoes and one onion grind with a blender to a puree state. Trace the resulting mass of vegetables in a saucepan with one teaspoon of vegetable oil, pour in a liter of water. In the resulting vegetable broth, add slices of salmon, and for five minutes until ready, pour in 0.5 liters. low-fat milk. Add greens and spices to taste. A fragrant and insanely tender soup is ready.

Hearty salad

This salad is perfect for lunch. Boiled chicken breast cut into strips, add broccoli, asparagus, green peas, cucumber, greens and spices to taste. Season with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Advice! In order to know exactly what you will eat tomorrow and not break the regime, it's better to make yourself a menu plan for a week and stick to it. And also make sure that you have the necessary products in the refrigerator.

And a few diet rules for drying the body:


If you decide to resort to the method of drying, make sure that you do not have medical contraindications for him. Women who should abandon this method:

Start and you will succeed! Good luck to you and beautiful body!