How to choose the right color for nail polish?

At all times it was considered a good thing to have well-groomed nails. But if earlier the surrounding people were satisfied with just beautiful nails, now special attention is paid to the extent to which the color of the varnish corresponds to the general image of a woman. Due to the wide choice of colors, the varnish can not simply organically supplement the image, but can become a very noticeable accessory along with decorations, accessories.

Next, we'll show you how to choose nail polish in accordance with your way. And besides, you will find out what colors and their combinations are considered the most fashionable in this season.

Harmony of nail polish and clothing

The color of the nails should necessarily be organically combined with the clothes that you plan to wear, but this does not mean that they should match.

Here it is worth remembering that not every chamomile will look good against the background of this or that outfit. So, if you are unsure of what color to paint your nails, and in a day you can easily change your working uniform to a tracksuit, and then to an evening outfit, look to the side of the pastel shades. For example, it can be a cream, beige or transparent varnish, which will be appropriate in any situation and at any time of the year.

Bold women love red lacquer . And as it turned out, in vain, because this particular shade is considered the most feminine. But red-the color is quite bright and it must be used very carefully. So, a manicure in this style looks great in combination with an evening gown. To strengthen the effect, you can use a lipstick of the same color.

Not bad look red nails in combination with seryymi, black, white outfits - a bright shade of varnish will help to revive the image to make it more attractive.

No less spectacular is a woman in black dress and with red nails. Choosing this option, it is important to remember that all the details of your image (except nails, of course) should be black, and this applies to clothes, shoes and accessories.

For the past few years, such colors of varnish have not gone out of fashion, as burgundy, dark gray and black.

So, black nail polish can be considered neutral, that is, one that fits the clothes of any color. With another gesture - with his help you can skillfully emphasize beautiful well-groomed hands. And it does not matter at the same time, light or dark clothes you choose.

The only restriction, which designers say is the difficulty in combining clothes in brown tones and black nail polish. Cleverly combine these colors can not every woman, but because if you are not confident in your design skills, it is better to choose a painful color of varnish. If the soul asks for a black manicure, refrain from a brown dress.

Lovers of colored varnishes can breathe a semblance: blue, green, orange, violet shades are still vtrende. The only thing that should be remembered is the rule, according to which the chrysalis must be repeated in any accessory or detail of clothing. In a word, if you have violet shoes, you can safely paint your nails with the same color varnish.

The combination of varnish and onion

Note that on the shelves of the store there are varnishes with different textures. So, matte varnishes make oblimaximally restrained, strict, and therefore perfectly fit as an office variant. In addition, the matte lacquer emphasizes the elegance of the lady in the classic dress.

Varnishes, saturated with sparkles - this is an evening version, which will fit together for a party. But for an official reception or a trip to the theater, it is better to choose a more reserved option.

As for varnishes with mother of pearl, today they are not in fashion and in their image they should not be used.

Choose a varnish for your beloved

When choosing a varnish except for fashion trends, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the fingers and nails. So, if your fingers, as well as the nails average in width, you are lucky, and the varnish of any shade will look good.

Visually increase the narrow nails will help the shiny tints. One more rule: apply a varnish on all width of a nail plate.

But for owners of wide shovel-shaped nails, the opposite advice is important: it is necessary to apply lacquer only in the center of the nail. By doing this you will be able to visually narrow the nail plate and it will look more neat.