How to choose the right food processor?

To cook delicious, varied, and most importantly quickly, it is not necessary to have a whole army of assistants. It is enough to get just one device - a food processor. The idea of ​​food processors as cumbersome and difficult to handle units is a thing of the past. Modern devices do not take up much space, they are assembled-sorted into two accounts, and it's easy to manage them. How to choose the right food processor - we will tell you.

From small to large

All kitchen combines can be divided into several categories. Compact - as a rule, they have one bowl and a minimal set of attachments: a knife-grinder, cutting discs, shredders and graters, a nozzle for kneading a light dough. Disadvantages - small capacity, low power and a limited set of functions. Traditional - combines with the main bowl and blender. Replace the vegetable cutter, electric mixer, citrus press and juicer. Almost all known manufacturers produce such devices. The advantages of "classics" are the ability to process large portions of food at one time, prepare complex dishes and desserts, for example, cream soup, pudding, mousse, cream, squeeze out juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. Universal - multifunctional units, for example Daewoo, Braun, Kenwood, usually with several bowls of sufficient capacity and a rich set of accessories for figuring, grating and grinding fruit and vegetables, and for processing various solid products (nuts, cheese), kneading dough, etc. In addition to obligatory For the "universals" blender, the citrus press and the centrifugal juicer, individual models are equipped with a screw grinder, which makes it possible to make ordinary, rather than beaten, pate minced meat, fish, poultry. To quickly and accurately determine how a particular model is right for you, it is enough to compare the five main indicators of the devices you like.


Most modern combine harvesters are equipped with a motor from 700 to 1000 W, and some novelties are 1200 W or more. High power in combination with a large bowl not only speeds up the process, but allows you to process soft products more carefully, and harder - more quality. The volume of the bowl rarely exceeds 3 liters, but there are models designed for 4-5 liters and even more. The standard capacity of the blender is 1.5 liters, the maximum capacity is 2.2 liters. Compact models, as a rule, have two speeds - for soft and solid products. "Universal" have up to 12-14 speeds with step changeover or stepless adjustment, which allows you to select the optimal mode for each type of product. Most of these devices can not do without the Pulse mode, when the engine for a short time gains maximum speed for crushing "complex" raw materials, ice or nuts.

Security Systems

A good combine should be reliably protected from any unforeseen events: the rubber feet do not allow the device to slide on the table, the pusher and knife covers will not let you get hurt. Obligatory for new models is the availability of protection against overload and engine overheating, as well as from improper assembly and accidental activation: the combine does not start working, for example, if the lid is not closed until it stops. Knives and cutting wheels are made mainly of stainless steel. And expensive models can also have a steel bowl and a cast metal casing. There are devices with bowls made of impact-resistant glass, but the most common material is plastic.

Simplicity and ease of use

Drawings - "hints" on the body and a book of recipes allow you to easily select the desired mode of operation. And the possibility of washing bowls and nozzles in the dishwasher greatly facilitates the care of the combine. Well-known manufacturers equip even the most compact models with a compartment for the power cord and a drawer for storage of accessories so that all attachments are at hand. Modern technologies and original brand solutions increase the efficiency of combine work. For example, the "double drive" system (Bosch Double Action and Kenwood Dual Drive) provides two speeds of rotation of the nozzles: fast-for whipping and slow, which is ideal for kneading a thick dough. Instruments with such a system are more durable and durable. In the usual process of blender work, too, you can make changes: Tefal, for example, released Store'Inn combines with the technology - asymmetric mixing: the blender's "glass" has a curved bottom and displaced knives. Sometimes the kit includes unusual nozzles. For example, a disc-emulsifier for whipping eggs and cooking mayonnaise, a special nozzle for french fries, etc. The new Philips series Robust has a double whisk for whipping egg whites, light dough and cream, and Bosch ProfiKubixx is a special nozzle for cutting vegetables with cubes. Not the least role in the development of new models takes ease of use. So, the Kenwood FP 972 is equipped with a bowl with a very wide mouth and a juicer with the Total Clean self-cleaning system, and the Moulinex Masterchef 3000 uses the Easy Lock system: the lid of this combine opens and closes with a single click.

National team

Kitchen machines are the next of kin harvesters. These are semi-professional units, in which the motor is located on top. They are distinguished by a strong metal case, a capacious steel bowl, high I power and a large number of attachments and accessories.


This is a powerful kitchen machine with many functions and a large set of accessories. The set includes cutting graters, whisks and kneaders, a blender, screw auger and other nozzles, as well as a book with recipes. The device works almost silently.


A bowl of 4.6 liters allows you to beat up to 12 egg whites at the same time. The technology of planetary movement of the nozzles ensures uniform kneading of any consistency. Among additional accessories - a slicer, a press for berries, a mill for cereals, etc.