How to cure a lump on the leg near the thumb

Many people know the situation when a lump on the leg near the thumb appears. It causes discomfort and requires immediate treatment. After all, the cone on the leg near the thumb is not just a cosmetic defect, it can indicate serious damage to the joints and bones of the foot. First of all, the doctor will have to figure out why the cone appeared near the thumb on his leg, and then prescribe the treatment. After all, only eliminating the cause, you can completely get rid of the disease.

The causes of cones on the leg near the thumb

The cause of the cones on the foot near the thumb can be a pathological process. For example, this is often the beginning of the development of arthritis. But there are other, less dangerous reasons. Often, the cone on the leg near the thumb is the most common corn. It does not require treatment and, as a rule, disappears on its own. It's enough just to give up uncomfortable shoes to fix things. As the cone looks near the thumb on the leg, you can see in the photo.

There are many cases when the cause of the cone on the foot near the thumb was the valgus deformity of the foot. Especially often this pathology occurs in women, and only 2% of men are affected by the disease. According to physicians, valgus deformation of the foot is a consequence of inconvenience when wearing shoes.

On a note! In the female part of the population, valgus deformity of the foot often occurs due to a failure of hormones, which occurs with menopause, menstruation, pregnancy.
There are the following negative factors that lead to the appearance of a bone on the leg near the thumb: There are a number of diseases that contribute to the development of a defect: Timely finding the cause of the appearance of a cone on the leg near the thumb, you can assign effective treatment.


Symptoms of this defect are hard enough to confuse with the signs of another disease, as the cone on the leg near the thumb is easy to determine visually. At first, a person feels uncomfortable when wearing shoes, with which before such problems did not arise. Then, after a long walk or strong physical exertion, there are pains in the foot. It is followed by painful sensations, localized in the area of ​​the thumb. The pain accompanies the patient almost constantly, the same intensity in the daytime and at night. As the defect develops, the deformation of the foot becomes more pronounced. Noticeably the deviation towards the big toe. If you do not take any measures to eliminate the defect, the cone becomes larger. There are difficulties with the selection of shoes, there is discomfort.

Additional signs of bumps on the big toe:

On a note! If there is an inflammatory process in the joint, it is accompanied by a strong pain syndrome.

Treating cones on the big toe

Having carried out complex diagnostics and examined the lump on the leg near the thumb of the patient, the doctor prescribes treatment. Its effectiveness and duration of the course depends on how timely the patient turned to the hospital.

There are three types of bone treatment on the big toe: What kind of therapy to use, solves only the attending physician by results of researches.
On a note! Along with treatment, an important place is occupied by the right choice of shoes. Women should give up their heels and prefer shoes with an orthopedic insole.

Folk remedies

Treatment of cones on the leg near the thumb with folk remedies is possible only if the cause is not a serious disease. Often this method of therapy is used in conjunction with the drug method.

When treating a bone on the big toe with folk remedies, the following recipes are used:

The patient will be able to choose a suitable recipe for himself.


When medicating the cones on the leg near the thumb, the following means are used:
On a note! Along with medicamental treatment, when a cone appears on the foot near the thumb, it is advisable to use physiotherapy (electrophoresis, paraffin therapy). This method is optional and can not act as the main one.

It should be noted that the treatment will not necessarily be directed only at removing the stone on the leg. If the reason for its growth is another disease, it is necessary, first of all, to treat it. Only having got rid of the basic illness, it is possible to eliminate its or his signs and consequences. When the cause of the growth of the cone on the leg near the thumb is covered in excess weight, the patient will be recommended to adhere to a diet that will help reduce the burden on the joints and, accordingly, stop the development of the foot defect.

The operation to remove the cones

When drug therapy is ineffective, the doctor prescribes an operation to remove the cone on the leg near the thumb. Usually the indication for the appointment of a surgical treatment is the following:
On a note! Modern surgical techniques are diverse, but they have one goal. And it is to remove the bump on the big toe, restore the functionality of the foot, improve the quality of human life.

Osteotomy is a common method of surgical treatment. It consists in performing a Z-shaped bone cut, the function of which is to maintain the thumb on the leg.


Everyone knows the saying that it is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it. Therefore, preventive measures should be given time. To prevent the appearance of a bump on the leg near the thumb, you need to do the following:

Observing such simple rules, you can prevent the development of cones.

To what doctor to address?

If there is a lump on the leg near the thumb, it can not be ignored. You should immediately seek help from a specialist with a medical background in order to avoid complications. At the first reception it is necessary to visit the therapist who will examine a bone and write out directions to other specialists. First of all, such a doctor is an orthopedist. It is he who deals with the treatment of deformities of the musculoskeletal system, including the feet. Also it is necessary to pass consultation at the surgeon and the traumatologist. A comprehensive survey of several specialists will help to solve the problem finally.


It is important to remember that the cone on the leg near the thumb is not a verdict. Most of the people who had such deformations, successfully cured and lead a familiar lifestyle. Learn more about the causes of cones on the leg near the thumb and the methods of its treatment will help the following videos.